Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 10: Special Debate Edition

In this episode, I share my review/editorial of the recent debate between Russ Houck and Cris Putnam on View from the Bunker with Derek Gilbert.  I recently posted a breakdown of the debate which you can see here:  Continue Reading

At the end of that article, I promised to provide my honest opinions about the debate in a podcast, which is what you will find here.  I wrestled with just how open to be about my feelings, and determined that the best approach would be just to lay it all out there.

This was more than just a trinity debate.  Many other issues were raised.  It was quite interesting, but there were parts that truly concerned me.  I hope you’ll understand that my goal here was not to attack, but to honestly discuss the deeply important issues raised, and examine how someone could get to a place where they defend such radical claims.

Listen to the full debate here:  VFTB 164: Did Constantine Steal Christianity?

Cris Putnam:

Russ Houck:

Russ Houck Podcast discussing the debate: