Eagle Cam: Hatched! 2 Baby Eagles, Third Hatch Imminent!

UPDATE: We’ve had our first 2 hatchlings! And for those of us watching, we feel like proud eagle mommas and poppas, don’t we? Here is a screen cap I grabbed of mommy with one of her new little babies!

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Keep watching the cam, as the third hatch is expected within the next few days.  And in the meantime you can watch the interactions between this new little family.


An image I captured today. Lovely!

So how did you spend your Friday afternoon?  Well, I spent mine watching this captivating web came of a pair of Bald Eagles in Iowa, awaiting the imminent first hatch of their babies!

This majestic pair are residents of a giant nest located 80 ft atop a tree at a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.

As I sat and observed one bird off and on for about 20 minutes, my heart skipped as a loud flapping came from off camera, and the other eagle landed beside his mate.  She then took off, and he took over egg duty.  I’m sorry, call me a geek if you must, but it is so fascinating, and now I am OBSESSED with witnessing the hatchlings live.

According to the Bonuses , these amazing raptors have been together since the winter of 2007-2008. Her markings at that time indicated that she was about 4 years old. They successfully hatched and fledged 2 eaglets in 2008, then 3 in 2009, and 3 more in 2010.

Hatches 1 and 2 have already taken place. Watch the Live Eagle Cam below to see if you can catch a glimpse of the babies, and keep your eyes peeled for Hatch #3!

First hatch 4/2/11.
24-hour collage of first egg pip and hatch
Second hatch 4/3/2011.
First glimpse of second hatchling
Third hatch expected in a couple of days.