Disturbing Climate Change Propoganda: Big Brother Goes Green

Regardless of how one feels about Climate Change (Is it man made? Is it cyclical?  Is our situation dire?  Are we overreacting?),  there is now little doubt for those paying attention that the Green Movement has opened up opportunities for profit and thus, corruption.

I want to preface this by saying that I am an animal rights supporter, I believe firmly in conservation, and I consider myself an ardent supporter of causes that aim to preserve and sustain this lovely planet that we call Home.  I am by no means someone who dismisses all things environmentally conscious out of hand.

And yet…  signs are all around us that Global Warming and Climate Change are being used by Governments as excuses to create new taxes (Carbon Emissions Tax) and encroach on our private lives with intrusive regulations and rules.  In fact, it is obvious that the Green movement has created the perfect environment for Big Brother to flex his totalitarian muscles.


A recent article in the best free uk dating sites 2016 outlines how many nations, most recently Germany, have already imposed oppressive regulations on citizens regarding their energy consumption.  Not satisfied with improving the energy crisis systematically or via infrastructure, Governments are putting the onus on the people whilst they themselves continue to consume gluttonously.

In light of Germany’s new energy policy, which phentermine and insomnia Michigan, an American citizen living in Germany and open Global Warming skeptic, calls the Energy Tyranny Act, some have come to wonder if it is a harbinger of things to come in the United States.  Says Gosselin, “I pray that the few remaining freedom-loving lawmakers in America are taking notice of the eco-martial law movement now sweeping across Europe. The green shirts are already getting out of their cars in front of your homes (think EPA). Are you going to let them kick your doors down too?”

You may recall the short lived commercial that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl for the Audi Green Car.  The “Green Police” ad sent chills down my spine.  While it was presented in a light hearted fashion, it CLEARLY implied a Big Brother style organization that will arrest you for not “going green”.  It also is interesting to note that “Green Police” was a moniker used in Nazi Germany for the cialis for daily use review, or Orpo, who were responsible for sending Jews, Poles and Gypsies to concentration camps.

Green Police Ad

More disturbing are the 10:10 ads that ran in the UK.  The tramadol and xanax on its surface seems relatively benign.  The goal is to encourage citizens to cut carbon emissions 10% at a time.   But a look at the ads  which together comprise a short film promoting their “No Pressure” campaign, and you will see that the message is anything but mild.  Quite literally, those unfortunate few in the ad that do not conform to the campaign mandates, are eliminated.  What follows is a composite of all of the ads in their proper context.  Be warned:  They are disturbing.

No Pressure 10:10 Campaign

So, what do you think?  Are the tactics being used an effective means to translate a dire emergency regarding Global Warming, or does the “green” movement make you uncomfortable?  Does it open doors for elements of power hungry Governments to impose unrealistic regulations, or are these rules and guidelines necessary?