Disgusting Creature Found in Sewer

My friend Bryn recently posted the following video on his site.  Here’s a link to his post, followed by the video:


Eeeew!  What is that horrible creature??  Any thoughts?

It reminded me of a less disgusting but also fascinating video I discovered through the site http://www.archmillhouse.com/index.php/los-angeles-dating-scene/.


The difference between the two is that to me, the second video is special effects.  Good ones at that.  Some comments have speculated that the creature looks like a certain part of the female anatomy.  I think it appears a little more like a certain part of the anatomy that both sexes share.  But that’s just me.

Update:  According to some observant commenters on the original posting (link at the top) the sewer creature is actually a pile of worms.  Eeeew!  The following link sheds some light on what the gross little nasties might be:

important source