Die Young – Ke$ha’s Dark and Disturbing New Video

A few weeks ago, I posted an article that detailed Ke$ha’s claims that she’s had sex with a ghost and that she’s been on a “spiritual quest” that took her throughout the dark realm of the occult.

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With the release of her new video “Die Young”, I guess we get to see exactly where that “quest” has taken her.  Within the video, one can clearly see that there’s an attempt to garner for Ke$ha the kind of negative publicity that has skyrocketed artists like Lady Gaga up the charts.  When you’re living in Babylon, blasphemy sells.


This single supports my previously stated theory that the trend within the music industry is to promote the concept of living in the moment without a care for the future.  Be a zombie. Don’t care about anything. Dance until you’re dead.  Die young.   Let’s pray that this misguided young woman doesn’t become a self fulfilling prophet, as she is only two years away from that mysterious club of performers that all died young at age 27.

This video features some of the most blatant evil imagery I’ve ever witnessed.  It is almost as though someone sat her down and said, “This is how you make a video tribute to the Illuminati.”  Which someone probably did.  Whether this is all for shock value or displays where her true allegiances lie is irrelevant.  The point is that this is going into the ears and eyes of young people everywhere who will embrace the images of upside down crosses and Eye of Horus pyramids while zoning out on lyrics that encourage them to accept the fact that they may as well live carelessly now because they could very well die young.

Vigilant Citizen posted a video of Ke$ha’s appearance on the X-factor, which was as he describes it, “one big tribute to the Illuminati”.  See the VC post here:  Visit Your URL

For those of you who would prefer not to sit through the trashy video that I’ve posted below, I created a little montage of some of the filth within the vid.  Below the images you’ll find the full video.

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