Demon Appears on Nashville NBC Affiliate

While cutting away from an airing of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to WSMV’s 4 Warn Weather Alerts in Nashville, something sinister made a brief appearance on screen.

No one has been able to determine the exact source of the diabolical face, but according to the help me write my paper free, “WSMV reporter Josh DeVine suspects the station “caught the first few frames of an ad” during the dissolve. ”

Theories include the presumption that this could have been a shot from a commercial for the NBC show Grimm, but the station does not air that program so it is still up for debate.  Also, I’ve seen the ads currently running for Grimm, and the evil face here doesn’t look like any that I’ve seen.

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Creepy!  Thanks to Will Toler of website here for the tip.

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