Crop Circle Appears Within Yards of Stonehenge

The British countryside has always been the most common place to find the intricate and baffling designs that have fueled our crop circle curiosity.

o-desmethyltramadol buyOn July 14, one of these fascinating anomalies appeared within sight of one of Britain’s most enduring mysteries, Stonehenge.

The new crop circle measures in at around 200 ft, and has onlookers baffled.  While many consider crop formations to be the work of hoaxsters, others claim that the patters are too intricate, and the details too precise to have been man made in just one night.

Many enthusiasts believe that they are either the result of bizarre natural phenomena or that they are the work of extra-terrestrials.  It has been an issue of much debate and the controversy has not slowed the appearance of new patterns.

What makes this crop formation so interesting is its relation to the enigmatic Stonehenge.  While certainly there are those who would say that this is no coincidence…. that some alien beings or inter-dimensional entities are trying to send us a message, other might say it is just this location that makes the circle suspect.

The fact is, if aliens were responsible for this crop circle, how likely is it that they’d respect the boundaries put in place to protect Stonehenge from vandalism?  The circle appears across the road from Stonehenge, where it would be much easier for pranksters to access.  Likely had whomever made the circle gotten any closer, security would have caught them.

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