Creepy Creature in the Back Yard!

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My dear friend Lorine posted a disturbing photo on her Facebook wall recently.  The photo was captioned with “WHAT IS THIS?!?! It’s freaking me out! I wanted to get another picture but I’m pretty sure I was seconds away from it jumping on my face and trying to suck out my soul.” Upon inspecting the gnarly photo of the nasty critter, I echoed her sentiments. Stay away from that thing!  Here is what she observed. Cicada One

Cicada Two After receiving a number of comments on the photos that this likely was not the spawn of some dark evil, but in all actuality was probably a molting cicada, Lorine ventured back to her yard to capture this amazing pic.

Cicada moltedAll photos are property of Lorine and are protected under copyright via Natalina @ – 2014.

Cicadas!  So gross yet so cool!

I covered cicadas at length last summer during what was delightfully being called “Swarmageddon”.  The post discussed the incredible 17 year cicada swarm, the amazing life of the noble yet noisy cicada, a handful of recipes for a backyard cicada bb-q, a reader submitted video of cicadas singing, and a phenomenal short film by Samuel Orr called “Return of the Cicadas,” which highlights the cicada’s 17-year lifespan from birth to death.  It’s an incredible film and well worth your time.  For the fun facts, photos, recipes and film… check out the following post:

Seventeen Year Swarmageddon Symphony

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