Clyde Lewis Breaks Down During Live Ghost Hunt on Ground Zero

Add this to the “Reasons why you’d be well advised NOT to mess with this stuff” file.  Some people get a thrill from investigating purportedly haunted locations, and those who do tend to treat the subject with some level or irreverence.  That said, even the most hardened paranormal enthusiasts can be overcome by the evil that they encounter.  Although he has done many such investigations in the past, today we will see how Clyde Lewis breaks down during a live ghost hunt while his audience listens.

Clyde Lewis is the host of the university essay writing radio show that airs weeknights from Portland, Oregon and is syndicated nationwide.  His show features discussions about a wide range of topics from conspiracies to paranormal events.  Lewis does not tend to approach these issues from a Biblical worldview, but his program is often informative and entertaining, and I tune in from time to time.

In his episode that aired on October 17, (full episode essay about einstein) Lewis was broadcasting live from the Martinez Gazette, an old newspaper building in Martinez, CA.  He’d been invited there by a local paranormal investigation team.  The building is purported to be haunted by Richard Gaikowski, a suspect in the infamous Zodiac Killings. During the live broadcast, Clyde wasn’t so much participating in the investigation as he was mostly hosting his show and occasionally receiving input from investigators elsewhere in the building.  Just before the end of the second hour of the broadcast, Lewis is interviewing a woman about the hauntings, when she suddenly becomes emotional and begins to cry.  Shortly after she leaves, Lewis himself begins to act strangely and is suddenly overcome with a panic attack so severe that he’s forced to wrap the segment early.  If you’re not familiar with Clyde Lewis, let me assure you that he is a pretty tough fellow and this seemed very out of character. Below you will see video of the incident:

In an ap statistics chapter 20 homework answers posted on his site after the incident, Lewis says:

I felt my throat close up and I began to choke. My body began to freeze up, there was a cold sensation that moved down by back into my legs and my muscles felt like they were going to burst. I couldn’t continue the show, and lost all control of my emotions. I felt like I was going to die, and all I could do was cry out and leave the table where I was broadcasting.

On last night’s broadcast, Clyde discussed the event in greater detail, claiming that it is his belief that he was simply not up for the task of taking on a paranormal investigation.  He hadn’t gotten himself “spiritually” centered before hand, and having just recovered from cancer, his overall physical body was too weak to have taken part, and he regretted putting himself in that situation.  He said he was overcome with a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness, and felt as if his life was slipping away from him, thus the intensity of his break down.

I do love Clyde.  He’s a deep thinker who tackles issues that most are afraid to talk about.  He does often speak of his reverence for the God of the Bible, but his views tend to be much more Gnostic in nature.  It is true that in the Bible, we are admonished to “test the spirits” but in this case as in many paranormal investigations, we find that the “ghost hunters” are more likely to “taunt the spirits”, which in my view is an invitation for trouble, as we’ve witnessed here.

One should never go into such a situation without a solid grounding in scripture, a firm faith in Jesus Christ, and an acknowledgement that more often than not, what lurks in the shadows of places like the Martinez Gazette is something evil, and not to be treated lightly.

Lewis claims that he still has yet to be able to completely shake off what happened and that he continues to feel somewhat ill ever since that night.  I pray that as he has time to reflect upon his ordeal, he’ll come away with a conviction to no longer put himself in these situations.  Perhaps this confrontation with evil will be the catalyst to convince Clyde of Biblical truth.

Clyde Lewis Breaks Down During Live Ghost Hunt on Ground Zero