Church of Shame: Scientology Compound Serves as Child Labor Camp

By now we’ve all heard the stories about the strange beliefs of the Church of Scientology.  We’ve examined at length their shady dealings when it comes to taxes and public relations.  There have been ample stories to emerge exposing the poor treatment of lowly Scientology members, not lucky enough to be part of the Celebrity Center in Hollywood.  Previously we shared a story about a woman who was held  These stories have become so prevalent as to almost seem monotonous.

I submit that the Church of Scientology, with all of its bad press, has not yet received the scrutiny that they deserve.  What goes on behind the doors of their many compounds is not merely disturbing, it is criminal.  The testimonies of former Scientology members should be enough to initiate investigations at the highest levels.  How is it that this cult has maintained such damning public scrutiny but has escaped any real punishment? latest story I am going to share comes from Australia.  In the heart of suburban Sydney lies the Scientology RPF base (Rehabilitation Project Force).  This is the place that wayward members are sent for punishment and “training”, and some members have been known to be trapped within these walls for years at a time.  What’s worse, many of those members are children.

Shane Kelsey was one of these children.  The story of his imprisonment in the compound and his eventual escape is below:

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