Charlie Veitch of U.K.'s "The Love Police" Explains Why He Changed His Mind on 9/11 Conspiracy

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Veitch and his famous bullhorn used to challenge authorities on the streets of London.

Outspoken advocate for Freedom of Speech and individual liberty Charlie Veitch, founder of a well known British movement called “The Love Police”, recently made waves in the Alternative News world when it was announced that he changed his mind from believing the attacks of September 11, 2011 were an Inside Job, to his current belief that there is no conspiracy around the events of 9/11.

Veitch was invited to take part in a documentary by the BBC exploring the 9/11 conspiracy theories.  He was flown to America and given the opportunity to speak with experts in a variety of fields, and emerged with a new perspective as to what really happened.

Most people who believe that the official story regarding 9/11 is not true fall into one of two camps, commonly known as “Let it happen on purpose” and “Made it happen on purpose.”  But they both are in agreement that somehow the Government was involved.  Veitch says that prior to his experience with the BBC documentary, he was already having doubts about the 9/11 conspiracies.

Interestingly, Charlie Veitch had recently made headlines for his run in with British authorities prior to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  He was arrested under the charge of “conspiracy to cause a public nuisance”, as it was suspected that he was planning to take part in protests or civil disobedience during the day’s festivities.  We reported on that story here:

Now, Charlie has found himself the subject of his own conspiracy theories.  Some claim that his time being held by British police was used to coerce him into publicly dropping his activism, while others say that the thrill of getting on the good side of the BBC and other of that ilk was just far too seductive to resist.

Recently, Veitch appeared on RT America’s More hints, and explained to Adam Kokesh how he came to these new conclusions.  Check it out.