Charlie Sheen Takes On Ustream with Sheen's Korner

Don’t be such a Gnarls Gnarlington.  You know you can’t get enough of the endlessly epic media firestorm that is Charlie Sheen.  Tonight Sheen debuted his live show Sheen’s Korner on, and it was a hoot.

BonusesWith sippy cup in hand and a posse of yes men and women at his side, Sheen took to the internet mainly to gloat about his “winning” streak of media domination… from television to talk shows to Twitter.

As he shared memorable quotes from himself, read poetry written by himself, and expounded upon the warlock genius of epic proportions that is himself… this truly was “Sheen’s Korner”.

What amazes me is how many people still think that Charlie Sheen is crazy.  Sure, crazy like a fox.  This is a man who knows what he is doing… and he is doing it quite well.  While I had hoped that his appearance on Alex Jones and puedo tomar amoxicillin si estoy embarazada would open the door for a bit more dialogue about his opinion of current events and New World Order… I guess for now, wacky and madcap self congratulatory banter will have to do.  And with the live broadcast pulling in over 100,000 viewers, Charlie is proving that he is indeed making the most of our morbid fascination.

Interested in seeing what Sheen’s Korner was all about?  Grab your sippy cup, light a Marlboro Red (they’re in your magic drawer, duh!) and see what you missed below.