Celebrities Use the Illuminati as a Punch Line in Water Awareness Campaign

Celebrities are so funny, right?  Especially when they flaunt their elite connections in an effort to raise awareness about the serious topic of a worldwide water shortage.  Funny funny.

For You Tube’s Comedy Week, Matt Damon made a video in which he parodies celebrity activism by claiming he won’t go to the bathroom until “everybody has access to clean water and sanitation.”  The video titled Full Report is a tongue in cheek means to educate people about his personal charity, Get the facts.

In a follow-up to that presentation, Water.org released another video featuring more celebrities, including Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde.  In this vid, the celebrities tell a charming tale about how Matt Damon infiltrated a meeting of the Illuminati to urge them to participate in his strike.  They go on to discuss how Bono was so angry to have his Illuminati meeting disrupted, that he hit Matt over the head with a 2×4.  Have a look at the full video below:

Please understand, I fully recognize that this is meant to be a parody, a spoof, a comedic presentation.  I get it.  Yet, I found it pretty tasteless.  First of all, I’m not impressed by the mocking tone regarding the “Illuminati”, because whether you refer to them as such, it is clear that the establishment considers itself above the unwashed masses.  This philosophy is evidenced by Mr. Damon’s tagline,  “And remember, if you don’t use the toilet, you’re a celebrity.”  This seems like a snarky way to imply that the general public is so enraptured by famous people that they’d literally do anything to be among them.  Maybe I’m reading too far into it.

Beyond that, I find it  pretty disgusting that while celebrities are encouraging average people to “do something” about the water crisis, they’d probably be able to solve the whole issue themselves if they could be bothered to pool their vast resources together.  Let’s be honest, Sir Richard Branson could probably buy Africa outright.

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Speaking of pompous corporate enterprises, I’d find it endlessly refreshing if they’d spend less time mocking truth seekers, and more time speaking actual truth.  For example, the mega corporation Nestlé is single-handedly leading the charge to privatize the water supply, making that water freely provided to man by his Creator something that can be owned and sold and traded publicly.  Nestle has spent years scouring the planet for water supplies that they can buy up and commodify, all while pretending to be global advocates for water sustainability.  Nestlé company head Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has more that  1.5 per cent of the planet’s water should be set aside for human rights, the rest going into the market. (See also natural ativan and StopNestleWaters.org)

Business magnate and Virgin media chairman Richard Branson claims that he spends every moment of his life devoted to philanthropy, with the water.org movement as his latest cause.  But with a little digging, we find that Branson praised Nestlé as a global juggernaut, and gave high praise to a Nestlé powerhouse named Bassem Berbari, as stated directly in Berbari’s bio:

Bassem’s leadership impact is recognized by several global leaders, including Sir Richard Branson. At Nestlé, he was selected to a 19-member global team (code-named ‘CREAM team’) as the sole member from an emerging / developing market; the team was mandated with redesigning processes, tools, systems and a capability development framework which subsequently impacted Nestlé’s 29,000-member global marketing/sales community.

So, either we believe that Sir Branson is completely ignorant of the impact Nestle has had on the world water shortage, thus making him completely inadequate to spearhead a water awareness campaign – or we must concede that all elites talk a good game, while making completely opposing decisions and alliances when they think no one is watching.  Perhaps their arrogance is justifiable, because the populace at large tends to make idols of those with money and power, apologizing for their misdeeds and reveling in their feigned activism.

All of this to point out that while this little slice of celebrity activism is wrapped in satire and meant to be funny, the truth is quite sinister.  Elites have proven that their ultimate goal is not to make the natural water supply available to every man, woman and child, but to actually force folks to pay for the water that should be considered rightfully theirs.  Whether it is through the destructive tactics of companies like Nestle, or through the release of “WaterCredits” that water.org itself promotes (micro loans given to those in third world countries enabling them to buy their own water and sanitation systems which to my mind merely compound debt on top of an already struggling populace, making them beholden to the “benevolent” benefactors that supplied the “charitable” loan in the first place – read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins for an inside account of how this all works).

Meanwhile, the video ends with a smug Branson yelling “Illuminati Assemble!”  Indeed.