‘Cast in Bronze’ Rings My Bell

So, I never watch America’s Got Talent.  Last night as I sat here writing, the TV was on and I could see it from my office.  I mostly ignored it until something captured my attention.  I heard beautiful and haunting music coming from the TV, and when I looked up I saw a strange masked man playing “Carol of the Bells” on an amazing contraption.

I was utterly enchanted by the performance, and was peeved at how cruel the judges (Sharon Osbourne, Howard Stern, and Howie Mandell) were to this unique act.  Clearly if you aren’t a dance troupe or a gimmicky child singer… they aren’t impressed.

http://pokretzaokret.com/The act was called Cast in Bronze, and featured a masked man playing an incredible instrument called a Carillon.  Cast in Bronze is the brain child of Frank Della Penna, who studied at the French Carillon School in Tourcoing, France.  He wears the mask because “carillons are usually heard from bell towers and no one ever sees the performer.”  Frank wanted to maintain the integrity of the instrument and the anonymity of the one manipulating the bells.

The Carillon  is a musical instrument of cast bronze bells that was first introduced five centuries ago to provide a musical voice to bell towers to raise the spirits of the residents.  It consists of cast bronze bells of various sizes connected to a modified keyboard which is played with fists and feet.  Cast in Bronze is the first transportable carillon in the U.S. and the only full time musical act in the world which features the carillon.  Read more about Cast in Bronze here:  Home Page

This incredible act has been invited to perform for the Pope and for Presidential Inaugurations.  It has been featured on network television and on a variety of radio and live concerts.  Cast in Bronze is so unique, so medieval, and so magical.  I’m certain I’m not the only person who was so moved.

Clearly “America’s Got Talent” is not a talent contest at all, but a popularity contest to find the next white bread singer like Justin Beiber or the latest corny dance act that will fade away shortly after the finale.

If your tastes are a bit more refined, and you’re looking for something truly extraordinary, check out the Cast in Bronze videos at the bottom of this post.

The slideshow below features CD’s, DVDs, and even an autobiography of Cast in Bronze. Support this incredible act by purchasing one or more of these items!

To learn more about Cast in Bronze, visit the official website here:  YOURURL.com