Breaking News: Press Conference on UFO/Nukes Disclosure (Full Video available now)

Here is a brief clip that just emerged on CNN featuring a portion of Robert Hastings’ testimony.

In related breaking news, the announcement that there was to be an “Alien Ambassador” appointed by the UN has been officially denied by the Malaysian woman cited.  See the full story here:

UN to Appoint Ambassador for First Contact with E.T. (With Update)






  1. Bobby

    Thanks for all your work.

    • natalina

      Thanks Bobby! I’m still on it, stay tuned! :)

  2. Joe


    Well done.

    I have seatched the net over and over, no full version has emerged

    • natalina

      Refresh your screen Joe. I’ve updated the post with the full thing :)

  3. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to keep us all updated on this mate.

    It’s VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  4. blank

    Are they preping us for something? Seems like this is the the 3rd ET story ive heard within 2 weeks. I normally don’t look into stuff like this. I have been catching links of these stories all over the net recently.

  5. I noticed you referred to the people at FOX as “jerks”. I think you should retract that simply because they handled this pretty well – don’t you think? Not a bunch of joking around or other crap. Give ‘em credit when it’s due – like now.

    • natalina

      I won’t retract it based on the grounds that in general they are jerks. How they handled today’s news makes them no less jerky as a rule. IMO. Not trying to be combative. I just think those Fox and Friends people are jerks. :)

  6. TimNiceButDim

    Great work getting this up there for people to see. There’s a good section (the beginning of the conference, approx 13 minutes) missed off from the above vid – it can be found here:


    • natalina

      Thanks darling! I was right there with ya. I had that video in this post at one time but I guess I removed it. I was a bit frenzied yesterday! But, I have updated the post. Thanks a bazillion to everyone!

  7. Cristina

    The full conference found here in 5 parts .

    The first video that you posted is still the very beginning and then this 5 videos .

    Hope it helps .

    • natalina

      Thanks Cristina. Actually I mention just above the first vid that it is only the beginning and then the vid below it is the rest of the conference. I also have You Tube vids below. But extra links are always helpful to give other alternatives. TY!!

  8. Cristina

    Thank you for all your effort ..I tried to share with as many people as possible your work ..Thank you for making this happen ……

    • natalina

      That’s so nice Cristina! Thank you! I hope you and your friends keep coming back, I got lots more in store!

  9. Isis

    The Secret behind Disclosure …..
    Three phases of planet exodus … 1 … at the very moment of a bright light flash … a small group of people will vanish from the earth, to be taken aboard many different Star ships and Star vessels …. only to return to an alternate reality associated with this planet …

    They will be seen in the approaching multitudes of the Christos Star Galactic Alliance … those in this matrix will not see the event but will hear of this event … for this alternant reality is cast in the light of Earth’s original sun … which has often been seen as a second sun in the skies …

    2… A dark rift sweeps over the planet … during this time …. many more will be shifted into a second alternant reality yet associated with this planet … these two worlds will be separated by gravity of two set alternant frequencies … not only from each other …. but from the reaming of Earth’s population who yet remain in the original reality of Earth‘s surface ….

    These will be enduring some pretty rough times as the Earth/core facility goes through unstoppable changes … but at any moment they reach a compatible Positive state of Karma … they will see a portal light generated by their own individual aura which they can simply step through into the alternate reality ….

    At the end of a calculated thousand year span of Earth/core completing her changes … All living consciousness who yet remain in their alternate realities … will be collected in dream stasis … Earth is ground zero for a New Creation …. For the event of the Big Bang Creation …

    This is my message sent to the people of this planet … both celestial and none celestial …
    I am Isis Seed of David … linage to that one known as Jesus of Nazareth … I am kindred seed to Allah … I am one with the Master Creator …. I am Messenger … I am Isis Osiris

  10. Anonymous

    Interesting, and thanx for posting.
    But, many believe this might be the start of a new step in the NWO plans for controlling vast amounts of people.

    Theory: Who are broadcasting these press conferences?

    Fox, cnn and an canadian channel has to me been the most reliable so far.
    The former canadian defence minister`s speach, and these clips posted here.

    They both speak highly of the vaticans approval, or attempt to approve aliens, they also speak about the aliens giving no sign to be a threat, only “hinting” about humanitys need for a new path.

    The owners of the (sorry for my bad english) “tv-show” are said to be rockefeller, is this correct?

    If that is the case, none of this is to be taken as truth, since that would be verry mutch against their agenda.

    The many UFO sightings of light spirals and other light and “invisible force” related sightings the last years are in many cases believed to be energyweapons, capable of earthquakes, weatherchanges and so on.

    To me it seems important to see the posibility of a fake alien arrival, together with “new world policies” as a likely weapon of mass-control of people.

    I also see some of the speakers show signs of lying when they are asked some of the questions in the end.

    It would be great to get a analyst to read for signs of where they mighht be telling lies.

    Thanx for posting, hav a great discussion and be well, all of you =)

  11. FooZ

    The rockefellers are said to be funding the disclosure project, not the tv-station, I`m sorry for the error there, I am still surfing crazy for more info on this.

    Peace folkz =)

  12. What is this all about really? What is the real purpose of these disclosures? I am waiting for the unveiling.

  13. Susan

    God bless these men for speaking the TRUTH. In Feb. 13, 1966 I had a close encounter with a UFO. I was almost 11 yrs. old. Twirling on an abondoned clothesline in a dark corner of a friends yard. Waiting for her to come out from dinner. I heard a whirring sound like a finely tuned motor. The next thing I recall is sitting on the T section of the clothesline pole facing in the opposite direction. I was looking up not more than 20 feet at the bottom of a saucer shaped craft. There was a bright white lite shining directly on me and a circle of multi colored lites. Red blue green yellow all of the colors of the spectrum. It took off and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then returned a bit further away. Hovered for a few seconds and took off again in a blink of an eye it disappeared. My girlfriend came up to me as I was still on the pole looking up at the nite and asked what I was looking at. I said there was a spaceship. She did not speak a word and we went into her garage our hangout. I never told anyone else about this and put it at the back of my mind. Several years ago I began to speak about it and mentioned it to my sister and brother. My sister said she and my friend had heard a loud sound like something broken and ready to crash. They ran and saw a spaceship over the market. I was afraid to know that something so unknown had made contact with me. Recently a nurse aquaintance of mine said she saw a huge stealth looking craft slowly come over a hill in her tiny town and then as slowly and silently retreat. There was much helicopter activity during the days after, not sure if the days before. I now instead of being afraid want our government to let us know what they know. I must know for my own sanity. Really if whoever they are wanted to harm us they would have done so long ago. Please stop the fearmongering and conspiracy theories that is not what they are about.

  14. Susan

    My encounter was in Bakersfield Ca. I am a FIRM believer in God. Our government is harming us by not allowing us to have knowledge of what we know is true.

  15. Susan

    If man were allowed to determine the Earth’s existence upon his belief’s alone, we will doom ourselves forever.

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