Breaking News: Dramatic Plane Crash in Superstition Mountains

Witnesses are reporting that a small plane crashed into Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday night (November 23, 2011).


Left: Fireball as seen in webcam footage of crash. Right: Screenshot from livestream on

An eye-witness caught the crash on film as it happened, and the dramatic fireball that erupted shortly after impact.

According to

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said there were no immediate reports of any missing commercial aircraft. Officials at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport said the same thing.

However, a spokesperson with Falcon Executive Aviation flight school in Mesa tells in Phoenix that the pilot flew in from Safford to Falcon Field to pick up his children and says when they were returning to Safford the two-engine plane crashed. The spokesperson tells CBS 5 there were three adults and three children onboard.

Below is footage captured by a webcam near the site of the accident:


Superstition Mountains reach about 5,000 feet at their highest level.  This treacherous range is the alleged home to the legendary More Bonuses that has kept treasure hunters busy for a century.  The Lost Dutchman mine is reported to be a very very rich gold mine located in the Superstition Mountains, and has been featured in many tales of early America.  According to many versions of the tale, the mine is either cursed, or protected by enigmatic guardians who wish to keep the mine’s location a secret.

Updates about the crash will be posted as they become available.