Boston Marathon Tragedy: Conspiracy?

In the initial aftermath of any tragedy, there is confusion.  Why?  Who? How?

For those of us who are conspiracy minded, and rightly so given the blatantly obvious false flag events in recent history, we tend to immediately jump to conclusions.  I am one of them.

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The heartbreaking tragedy that took place yesterday at the Boston Marathon made me at once devastated and angry.  I looked for someone to blame.  I almost immediately jumped on the “False flag! False flag!” wagon.  Again, I had reason to be suspicious, given what we know about previous tragedies like 9/11 and many of the recent mass shootings across the U.S.

Of course, I instantly took to Facebook, with the intent to find out what my fellow citizen journalists were uncovering about the Boston Bombing.  A flurry of activity was taking place, claiming the all to familiar “drills” having taken place, actors portraying victims, a suspicious law enforcement presence prior to the blasts and more.  I was outraged.

Then, in an effort to corroborate all of these conspiracies, I decided I’d better dig into them and find more proof.  As I took on the task of verifying the information, I started to see a disturbing trend.  Most… if not ALL… of the theories and allegations being spread turned out to be wholly false or wholly explainable.

This post is not to claim that there was no foreknowledge amongst government officials or law enforcement with regard to the attacks. I simply cannot confirm or deny that, and there are many unanswered questions.  My purpose right now is to clear away some of the blatantly false information being shared wildly via social media, to preserve some level of credibility for those of us in the world of alternative media.

Terror Drills Prior to the Bombing

That was the first thing that I noticed being shared by my friends and colleague.  We do know that on September 11, 2001, drills were being performed that caused confusion and convenient excuses in the aftermath of the attack.  We also know that there were drills taking place on the day of the 7/7/07 London bombings.  Drills were purported to have been planned/taking place during the morning of the Sandy Hook massacre.  A precedent seems to have been set and it is a logical conclusion for folks to come to that perhaps such drills were happening in Boston.

The evidence being used to corroborate these claims seems to be a single tweet from the Boston Globe which stated, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

The problem with using this to prove that a drill was taking place is that the tweet in context actually came AFTER the initial blasts.  The following screen shot I grabbed from the Boston Globe twitter feed clearly shows this to be true:

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We can debate about how this managed to take place so quickly after the initial explosions, but we cannot use this as evidence of a terror drill.

Actor portrayal of bombing victim

The next thing I started to see was the following image which claims to show that a victim with missing limbs was actually being played by an Afghanistan war hero who’d lost his legs.


I think we can safely call this one a hoax as well, because we now know the name of the man featured in the Boston image.   Jeff Bauman’s father, Jeff Bauman Sr., took to Facebook to ask that friends and family pray for his injured son, the young man featured in the now famous image above.  Looking at Jeff Bauman’s check my source, it is undeniable that the man in the wheelchair and the man reported to have received the injuries are one in the same.  The above compilation claiming that this war hero was pretending to be a bombing victim is another tacky hoax.  See the story here:  Read Full Article

Bomb sniffing dogs before the explosions

This one isn’t necessarily a debunkable issue as much as it is a call for people not to jump to conclusions.  We do know that ever since 9/11/2001, we are living in an increasingly policed world with the presence of law enforcement becoming something almost second nature to us.  Particularly with high profile events such as the Boston Marathon, one would expect there to be a very sizable law enforcement contingency on hand.  And what are these police there to do? Well, keep the peace and deter any mayhem (that’s what they claim).  So, I am not SHOCKED to learn that there may have been police dogs on hand with the officers tasked with canvassing the area of the event to look for suspicious activity.

A caveat:  What I do find strange is that IF these officers were all over the finish line, why is it that they missed not one but TWO bombs amid the spectators.  Further, other bombs were later discovered and dismantled (see point number one in this article) in record time, begging the question of why weren’t the bombs discovered prior to the blasts given how apparently quickly the other unexploded ordinance was discovered and detonated in a controlled fashion?  As I said, there are unanswered questions that require further research.

Family Guy Foreknowledge

This one may seem a little silly at the outset, but since I’ve seen the claim streaming through my FB news feed all night and all day today, I think it needs to be mentioned.

Some are claiming that an episode of Seth McFarlane’s “Family Guy” from March 17 displayed foreknowledge of the Boston bombings. The viral clip can be seen below:


UPDATE:  Previously, I had a paragraph here talking about how the viral clip was edited together to make an unfair characterization of what took place in that episode.  Upon further consideration, I determined that in order to be intellectually honest, I’d better just go back and watch the entire “Turban Cowboy” episode all the way through.  Unfortunately, Fox and Metro Goldwyn-Mayer have now removed all clips even remotely related to the episode from the internet, thus I cannot say whether or not I’ve fairly characterized this as a hoax.  Therefore, as all evidence that could clear Seth McFarlane and those related to Family Guy has become unavailable, I’m remaining neutral on this one.

 Seth has replied to this viral video by saying:

“The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.”

What we know for sure….

While none of us can say that we know for certain who was responsible for the events that took place yesterday during the Boston Marathon, one thing is certain.  Regardless of whether law enforcement and/or the government were directly involved, it certainly hasn’t stopped them from using the tragedy to their advantage. Immediately following the explosions, the mainstream media began to hype the idea that the crime was carried out by “right wing” extremists.   Tea Party patriots and other conservative activist groups have found themselves in the crosshairs once again of a liberal media bent on demonizing those who stand up for liberty.

Certainly, this horrifying attack will be used to further the agenda of Big Brother via gun control, increased “security” on our streets, and sinister acts like CIPSA.

As infamously stated by former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Over exposed blowhard Michael Moore took to twitter to imply that somehow the patriot movement was involved with the attack, inferring that there is a connection between it being “Patriot Day” and “Tax Day”, a reference likely to the Boston Tea Party.

It burns me that the media has offered only two possibly explanations for what happened in Boston.  They maintain that it was either Al Qaeda or “right wing” homegrown terrorists.  As if there’s no such thing as a “left wing” terrorist… Weather Underground anyone?

All of that to say this:  While there may well be a conspiracy buried in the rubble of the tragic events of April 15, it doesn’t serve anyone to promote clearly incorrect theories.  In fact, it makes everyone in the alternative media appear alarmist and unreliable.  Truth is usually stranger than fiction, so let us try to keep the fiction out of our reporting.