Blue Beam Rising: Revisiting the Conspiracy

Few conspiracy theories garner vitriol like Project Blue Beam.  Mainstream thought places Blue Beam into the realm of speculative science fiction with a tinfoil hat twist, while even many conspiracy apologists scoff at the notion.

It certainly is a lot to take in.   It requires us to accept that the governments of the world are in collusion with one another, and that their aim is not merely to control us legally, but utterly.  To believe Blue Beam is to believe that the powers that be have every intention of leading us into a world government, a world religion, and ultimately a world of destruction.   To fully embrace Blue Beam is to embark into a realm where nothing is as it seems, and no one is safe.

click thisBut, if we could all put down our guarded egos for a moment, and look at this conspiracy through the lens of both history and current events, I think we’ll find that the concept is not beyond the pale.  Logically, we need only to look at current events to see that MUCH of what was predicted by investigative reporter Serge Monast in 1994 could easily come to pass, if it isn’t already in progress. For those not familiar with Blue Beam, please see my previous post that lies out the scenario in detail:

Let us revisit some of the key points Monast made regarding Project Blue Beam (the attempt by the powers that be to usher in a new global religion, and ultimately a One World Order), and see if we can point to some real world events that could give us pause before dismissing the “conspiracy” outright.

Monast claimed that Blue Beam would be carried out in 4 distinct stages.

Engineered Earthquakes & Hoaxed ‘Discoveries’

Why would the governments of the world desire to stage natural disasters?  Further, what would be their goal in hoaxing archaeological discoveries?


Obviously, powerful earthquakes are massively potent tools on their own, causing the breakdown of local governments and tormenting those in near the epicenter.   The evidence that earthquakes are increasing in power and frequency isn’t difficult to find.

The unprecedented Indonesian tsunami of 2004 claimed nearly 300,000 lives.  The earthquake that triggered that tsunami registered 9.1–9.3 magnitude, making it the third largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph. 2010, Haiti was slammed by a 7.0 quake that killed 316,000 people.  300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless.  Haiti has yet to recover from this disaster.

Also in 2010, Chile was rocked by a 8.8 quake that ranks as the sixth largest earthquake ever to be recorded by a seismograph.  The quake triggered a tsunami that covered many coastal towns, and even reached as far as San Diego, California.  525 people lost their lives, 25 people went missing and about 9% of the population in the affected regions lost their homes.

We continue to feel the catastrophic effects of the 2011 Fukushima quake (9.0) and tsunami worldwide.  In living color we all watched on television as the waves of water engulfed everything in sight, carrying boats and cars and people to their destruction.  The disaster left 20,000 dead or missing, and caused the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  It is still unclear just how much residual damage the nuclear plant continues to cause in Japan and around the world.

On August 23, 2011 a 5.9 quake rattled the east coast of the United States, with its epicenter near Washington D.C.  While there were few reported injuries from the quake, the damage could be witnessed in several buildings and structures, including the Washington Monument, and the location of the quake was highly unusual.  The D.C. quake has puzzled seismologists due to its strange location and bizarre patterns recorded.


This one is a little harder to pin down.  Monast claimed that part of this Blue Beam phase would entail the uncovering of new archaeological evidence that our history is much different than we’ve been lead to believe.  Specifically, this is meant to undermine commonly held spiritual beliefs.

There have been a number of attempts in recent years to promote such finds.  One that instantly come to mind is the “Jesus Family Tomb” which claimed to show evidence that Jesus Christ may have been buried in an ossuary along with his relatives.  This same vein of research is what has lead to questions of whether Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and has a bloodline still in existence.

Very recently, within the past month or so, a team of archaeologists revealed that they found what may be the burial place of Jesus.  They point to a 2,000 year old engraving on an old burial site that they claim says, “Jesus, son of Joseph” and “O Divine Jehovah, raise up, raise up” .  The indication is that Jesus was very much dead and that his body still rests in this tomb, rather than having arisen, as those of the time clearly hoped for with their plea that he “raise up”.  The intent is to dash the faith of those (myself included) who believe that Jesus arose bodily from death and ascended to Heaven.

The main proponent and indeed one of those who aids in “uncovering” many of these finds is Simcha Jacobovici.  He is famous for his documentary about the Jesus Family Tomb, which garnered him much praise and skepticism from all sides.  He shows no signs of giving up as he is also connected with the most recent “Jesus tomb” discovery.  He was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary which aired on April 12 titled The Resurrection Tomb Mystery.

Furthering the confusion, the much lauded “Zeitgeist” films have gone a long way to try to debunk all major religions, with a clear emphasis on Christianity by attempting to prove that our modern Biblical understandings are based on old pagan myths.  This is quite succinctly debunked by many Theologians and historians, but the seed has been planted.  I cannot tell you how many times per week I see some “revelation” via Facebook status that claims to prove that Jesus is Horus is Mithra is Apollo etc.  Enough already.  and

I think we can also include the Ancient Aliens pandemonium of the last few years to this list.

The goal of this section of Blue Beam is clear.  Create turmoil with massive earth changing upheaval (Google HAARP) and reveal new “discoveries” to make people doubt their religious and historical beliefs.  If the hearts and minds of the people are in distress, they will be looking for answers.  Rest assured, those is power are prepared to fill those gaps.

The Big Space Show in the Sky

The initial parts of this phase may have already been in play for some time.  Serge Monast claims that the majority of UFO sightings being reported are nothing more than holographic images being projected into the sky.  This is a trial run for the big event, which is the emergence of a giant projection of a New Age religious figure, comprising aspects of each culture’s savior.

During Stage 2 of Blue Beam, three dimensional holograms are said to be prepared to project images to different parts of the world.  These holograms will portray, in part, exactly what each region perceives as “God” or deity, and will speak in all languages, communicating messages to the masses, captivating them.  Ultimately, a new Christ… or “Maitreya” will be introduced, encouraging people to cast doubt on their old beliefs.. and embrace a new savior; a new message.

Have we seen evidence that holographic technology exists?  Of course.  You may recall the “Live Earth” celebration that was held worldwide in 2007.  Countries across the world held concerts and events to promote Climate Change awareness, and in the grand finale, Al Gore (a messiah of sorts in certain circles) appeared on stage as a hologram using Musion Eyeliner Holographic Projection.  See video of this moment below.

Monast said that “Even the most learned will be deceived,” when the plan goes into this phase.  This brings to mind the Biblical verse, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24

There is even an element meant to simulate a “rapture” scenario, in which people will be swept up in beams of light.  Tests on this technology are supposedly manifesting in the form of “alien abductions” that we hear so much about today.  Serge is quick to point out that this will be the beginning of a Holy War… and human life will be lost an an massive level;  unlike anything ever before experienced.

Artificial Thought & Communication

The third step of Blue Beam introduces telepathic communication.  In a two-way process, each person will believe they are hearing the voice of “god” in their head;  indeed they will feel it right down to their souls.  In return, their thoughts will be fed back into the “machine”, where extensive mixing of information will confuse people, and ultimately make them feel “one” with god and each other.

In this section of Serge’s report, he details extensively how such technology already exists, and has been being perfected over decades.  It is really worthwhile to read his whole report, particularly this part, as it outlines how scientists already know how to infiltrate a person’s brain and project messages into it.   In fact, I believe that it is this portion of the Blue Beam report that is most prophetic.   Much of what we know about psychotronic and direct energy weaponry would have been purely fantasy even as recently as 1994.

We now are aware that things such as the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) are very real and are capable of doing real damage without emitting so much as an audible beep.   Experts acknowledge that such weapons can be used to alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes.

Perhaps the most eerie part of Serge Monast’s report is also found here in Phase Three.  As he explains the ability of government entities to manipulate people’s bodies remotely, he specifically states, “it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with rays designed to penetrate the human chest.“  The significance of this statement is its element of foreshadowing… as both Serge and his research partner died of ‘heart attacks’ only days apart.  The depth to which Serge was tortured and tormented prior to his untimely death is utterly disturbing.  More info can be found here:  Project Blue Beam.

If you think such technology is imaginary, please read:  Vladimir Putin and the Russian ‘Zombie’ Gun

Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics

The Fourth and Final step of the Blue Beam agenda, according to Serge, was a multi-step process that encompasses much of what is mentioned above.  Consider it the Grand Finale… the final assault.  There are 3 specific parts and they are as follows:

a.  An alien (off-world) invasion – Human kind will be led to believe that an Alien Invasion is about to occur in every major city in the U.S.   This will prompt all nuclear armed nations to launch and assault, which will open the door for the UN (Who staged the invasion in the first place) to disarm everyone.

b. A Staged “Rapture” will be Promoted – This will be done in the form of a manufactured divine intervention by an off-world presence come to rescue humans from the Evils of this world.  This really will be an effort to literally scoop out any remaining opposition.  Serge said this will occur literally within hours of the beginning of the sky show in point A.

c. A mixture of electronic and supernatural forces – This is the creepiest by far.  This is an all out assault on the remaining population via chips that are already implanted in their appliances, waves traveling through wires and fiber optics, and phone lines.  The intended purpose will be to launch all out psychological warfare on humans;  making them believe they are seeing demons and specters around every corner.. driving them to the brink of insanity.

Finally, after this Night of a Thousand Stars the masses will be so worn down that they will gladly accept this new messiah, hand over their freedoms, and beg the NWO to re-establish peace.

And there you have it.  The pièce de résistance of their master scheme to cull the population and gain utter control over those that remain.   What do you think?  Is there anything to this conspiracy?  Was Monast a crazy person or a con artist?  Was he onto something?  If it is true, what does it mean?  How close are we to seeing these manifestations go full blown?

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