Beware the Black Eyed Kids

Researching the strange, bizarre, spooky, and sometimes frightening reports of paranormal activity is a daily job for me.  Although I love a good scare (Fear of the Supernatural: The thrill of it all), it takes more these days.

A few nights ago, I was reading up on the phenomena of Black Eyed Kids (BEKs), and I found myself very unsettled.  Perhaps because it involves children… young people with seemingly malevolent intentions.  I found myself terrified that I’d soon hear a knock at my door… I imagined noises outside my window.  Read on, and you’ll understand why I was so spooked.

Most documented cases of paranormal events vary widely.  Each incident, while perhaps displaying a common pattern, seems to be unique.  With hauntings, there are  kaleidoscopic possibilities as to what the entity may be.  But with the Black Eyed Kids, we find a nearly unwavering set of circumstances, with most reports sounding as though they could’ve been given by the same person.  In other words, it seems the BEKs have a very specific MO.

Imagine you’re sitting at home one night.  You’re all alone reading a book by lamplight.  It is late.  There’s a sudden chiming of your doorbell.   Who could be stopping by this time of night?  You hesitate.  Perhaps answering your door would be a bad idea.  But what if it’s an emergency?  You decide to push your trepidation aside and open your front door.

Outside are two kids.  Not really kids… one appears to be in his pre-teen years, the other his early teens.  They are dressed casually in jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies.  No different than any other kids around the neighborhood.  They stand some distance from the door.  With their hoods up and their faces cast in shadow, you can’t get a good read as to what they look like.

What are they doing? Where are their parents?  You feel an unexplainable pang of impending dread, but you swallow it down, chastising yourself for being irrational.

“Can I help you?” Your question is directed at the older boy.

“Can we please come in and use your phone?” the boy says softly.

“Who do you need to call?  Shouldn’t you be at home?” you ask.  You’re not about to let strange people in your house at this time of night, no matter how young they are.

“No, we really need to come in.  Our parents will be so mad if we don’t call them,” says the younger boy.  The fear that you had choked back is now working it’s way up your spine.  What is it about these kids that has you feeling such dread?

You tell the kids, “Why don’t you just give me the number and I’ll call.”

This doesn’t satisfy the children, who have now become increasingly insistent.  They begin to demand to be allowed in.  “We’re not dangerous.” they tell you.  “You don’t have to be afraid of us, we won’t hurt you.  Just let us come in and use your phone.”

At your wits end, you tell them to go away, and you shut and lock the door.  As you turn your back, you hear knocking.  In full panic mode, you decide you will NOT open your door.  You gaze out your peephole.

Suddenly, the boys’ faces are right in front of the door.  You recoil in horror as you see that both boys have eyes as black as pitch.  Dark as coal.  No whites.. no discernible pupil.  Just fathomless darkness.  Their words are muffled through the door, but their lips are easy to read.  “Let Us In.”

Those who have encountered BEKs claim that the kids generally show up at their homes.  A person will be sitting in their house, usually at night, when there is a knock at the door.  Upon answering, the homeowner finds usually two children in casual clothes, just as any modern kid would appear.  Another scenario is that these kids appear at your car window, needing a ride.

Now, kids is a little misleading.  Most reports say that the two who usually appear are in their early teens… or at least pre-teens, with one slightly older than the other.  The clothing description is very consistent.  Jeans, Sneakers, T-shirts, Flannels and hoodies.

What never changes in these reports is that the BEKs want something very specific.  An invitation.  They want into your home, your apartment, your car.  At first polite, they become quite insistent when you tell them no.  They argue and bargain with you, and assure you that they mean you no harm.  They just want in.  Please.. let us in.  And all of that would be terrifying enough if it wasn’t for those eyes.  Those black and ominous eyes.

Jason Offutt shares a story of one man’s encounter with the BEKs on his website From the Shadows.  Read the creeptacular story here:  Black-Eyed Kids in Ohio

Beware the Black Eyed Children by Kanaukun

Supposedly the first BEK report came from Brian Bethel, a journalist in Texas.  His story can be read here:  Brian Bethel Encounter.

The obvious first inclination is to relate these stories to the vampire mythos.  BEKs clearly need to be invited into your home… they cannot come in unless you let them.  And I don’t know of any cases of BEKs forcing their way in, so this must be a hard and fast rule with them.  The same is said about vampires.  Even in current vampire tales, such as HBO’s True Blood, vampires may NOT enter your property without being formally invited.

Others say that BEKs might be some kind of alien hybrid, clearly comparing the black eyes to the popular depiction of the Greys.

The most common theory I’ve heard is that these are demonically possessed kids, if not demons themselves.  Their black eyes indicate their soulless nature, and their insistence upon being allowed into your home is symbolic of their desire to inhabit YOU.  How’s that for creepy!

Of course, there are plenty who relegate the story of the BEKs to urban legend.  Perhaps Mr. Bethel’s reported encounter was an isolated one, but it struck such a chord in so many people that the story grew into a mythology that gets repeated in varying forms via the internet.

So what do you think?  Are the Black Eyed Children vampires, aliens, demons, or something else?  Or are they merely an urban myth that persists because of its frightening connotations?  Who knows.  But just in case, don’t knock on my door after sundown.  I won’t answer.




  1. Lgarci

    About 4 or 5 years ago I was walking down a bike path in the back of my house with my step daughter. when I saw 2 boys leaning against their bikes up ahead. I didn’t really think much about it (since it is a bike path) until one of the kids raised his head up and looked me straight in the eye. That’s when fear struck me so hard I was stopped dead in my tracks. His eyes were black and hollow, like he didn’t have a sole. It was like looking at pure evil, at least that’s the way I described it when I recounted the incident later that evening to my husband and my other daughter. I immediately led my step daughter off the path, cut through someones yard and walked out to the street . I didn’t know what I had encountered at the time but now I am quite sure it was the black eyed children. I don’t know what they are, but I know they are dangerous. It was so weird I thought that my step daughter would also be aware of what I perceived to be impending danger , but she was completely oblivious, even when I led her off the path and onto the street. I somehow knew I had to get out of there NOW. Surprisingly they appeared normal in every other aspect ( except for the eyes of course), and a vague awareness that they didn’t quite fit into the environment. I only saw the eyes of one of them because the other kid had his back to me . He looked to be around 13 or 14, flannel shirt and jeans, and a swarthy complection. Now that I have been reading about these encounters it peaks my curiosity but i wouldn’t want to run into them again .

  2. In nature, there is a form of aggressive mimicry in which a predator mimics its prey to capture it. Is something sinister mimicking us? Do we only hear from their prey that gets away?

  3. Kelli Combs

    I remember the first time I heard about black eyed kids. But even before that, after we moved into this neighborhood I have been hearing foot steps outside my window. I have been so scared to move. I know it cant be ghost, but it sounds like another person is walking. I am now scared for my life, and for my parents. Now I’m ready to talk to them and tell them to get lost. I’m not scared of them anymore. But I’m really scared because well my parents alway leave the garage door open at night. What if some kids just walk in, then what do I do. I’m kinda nervous cause of this one time. I was lying down. Then i heard knocking on my window. Then the doorbell rang to many times. I was frighten to death. This was before I knew about these kids. I was ready to call the police, It was about 1 30 am when this happened. What do I do now? I’m nervous to got outside at night, and I’m scared this is going to happen again. What should I do, I’m brave enough to tell them off, but should I?

    • sherry

      draw near to God and the devil has to flee! They are afraid of God. we are his children. all you need to do is pray to the Father and they will leave.

  4. john

    Don’t open the doors. They will kill you. They will mutilate you.

  5. sky

    i do not see why anyone would say the BEK will kill anyone, i myself have seen a kid like this some years back, and i felt scared to this day my heart beats harder when i think back of the kid staring at me, i have been looking for answers, but all i have been reading is misleading information on the subject, maybe if we had other encounters documented older then 1996. it is interesting that they take the vampire aspect of having to be welcomed into a home to go in, a video of the phenomenon would sure be nice.

  6. Eternal Flames

    Here’s an interesting info. on Black Eye-Kids that I got from Cosmic Awareness Channeling. They are soulless and is a sign of the time as the Earth is shifting and Ascending. They will suck the life force from an unsuspecting light being. One will feel nervous around them, as they are Storm Troopers for the Dark.
    2007-11 Who Are The Unnaturally BLACK-Eyed Children & Adults?

    page 3)the experiment into separation, into the dislocation of spirit from source; at this time this process is once again proceeding forward as the planet earth comes to that point of separation where the two planets can divide and move into those vibrational rates, or higher or lower frequencies. This in reference to Planet A, the Ascension Planet, and Planet B- the planet behind or below ascension…darker soulless entities, who have reached a level of great separation from the source, have appeared in a physical form that is actually discernible, but the feeling of these entities is one of soullessness, or separation from the Light. It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul, and often the Light of Spirit shines through the eyes. When that is veiled, or cloaked or hidden, as in the eyes of these BLACK-eyed individuals, then the soul cannot be seen or sensed and experienced, and this is what this Awareness is referring to when It says these beings are soulless.
    2007-11 Who Are The Unnaturally BLACK-Eyed Children & Adults?

    page 3-(4) The World ”Evil” is the Reverse of the Word ”Live”) and life that is not devoted to seeking the Highest and being in alignment with Spirit, finding the spiritual power within, in fact denying it, will reverse the process to one of evil. Simply speaking, this is only a concept. This is an act that is contrary to being alive, to living, to life itself. These BLACK-eyed individuals are part of the times. The recognition of why they are here will help individuals avoid such entities, for they do not need to be called into anyone’s life, but if they are encountered,remember always to surround yourself with the highest level of Light and Love, for as these beings are of darkness, they would absorb any light that is unconscious in the individual. It is with focus, desire and intent that one holds the Light Shield around them and denies not evil, simply recognizes it and allows it to be what it is without having an effect on an individual who is committed to Spirit and Light.
    2007-11 Who Are The Unnaturally BLACK-Eyed Children & Adults?

    page 3-4) They are Storm Troopers Coming for Those who Choose the Denser Reality of Planet B)They are cloaked from spirit and choose not to let spirit shine through their eyes or to find a passageway through their eyes, to the soul. They are storm troopers, if you will, of that state of being that is coming for those who choose this denser reality; this greater sense of separation. One cannot judge this, one can only understand that it is a way that some will choose, but not all. There is nothing to be feared from these individuals; simply an understanding of why they have come at this time, and what their purpose is at this time. They are not evil, and are not going to create problems or difficulties for anyone other than those who are drawn in because of their purpose. The children with BLACK eyes will grow into adults with BLACK eyes. There is nothing evil in them , but in their attempt to bring humanity into that darkness, they may not always be coming from a place of goodness or serviced to the Light. in fact their service will be to the darkness and this may be interpreted by some as being in a state of evil.

    Source is from:

  7. Anonymous

    Is someone there? Right now? Reading these comments with me? Look at my timestamp. Your lucky

  8. Hei. I was reading up on the black eyed kids and I stumbled over a blog which has two posts, which are not about them, but mention black eyed children.

    This blog is rather odd, makes you shiver and wonder, if you have the time to read it all.
    Anyway, the first reference to the black eyed children is in a post named “old town” – which is about the town of “Sighisoara”, where Dracula was born. (Vlad the Impaler). Apparently there’s strong evidence in that part of the world, in old manuscripts, of a tale which spans over 2000 years, a tale that relates of how the town was built. It all comes down to the fact that apparently a black eyed child ordered the town to be built in that exact spot.
    You really have to read the whole post to understand, otherwise you will think it’s just weird talk.

    The other post which relate the appearance of two black eyed children, aged around 16, is called “no good deed goes unpunished” – and talks about how two black eyed children kissed a 1 year old boy and apparently healed him from leukemia. They also put a necklace around his neck.

    Again, you have to read the whole post, or the whole blog, to understand. The blog is not about black eyed kids, but I found references of them inside it and I feel that they are somehow players in a much bigger scheme that we could fathom.

    Check it out.
    Oh, this is the link to the first post

    If you feel like reading the whole blog, make sure you read the “about me” or “who I am” page and the very first post. Won’t make any sense if you don’t.

    I just thought to share this with you because I’m as interested in black eyed children as you are.

  9. bai

    If any researcher is reading, yes, it would be good to check for stories much earlier than the 1990s. Maybe doing so will shed more light on this mystery.

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