Birds Beheaded and 60 Animals Missing at Australian Zoo

Nine birds have been viciously killed and over 60 animals are missing from the Tasmania Zoo, according to More Info.  The nine maimed birds all either had their heads smashed or ripped off, and one of those killed was an endangered click reference.

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A swift parrot like the one pictured here was brutally killed at the Tasmania Zoo. Two others were released and are still missing. It is estimated that there are less than 1000 breeding pairs still living in the wild.


Zoo owner Dick Warren said that when he opened the zoo Friday morning, he found the dead animals and door after door was open, having had their locks cut by an intruder(s).

“It’s heartbreaking to see them. How could people do this sort of thing? It hits you so hard.” Warren told ABC TV.

Police say that many of the released animals have been recovered, but many birds and a carnivorous native cat are still on the loose.

The zoo is also part of a special breeding program for the endangered Tasmanian Devil, whose population in the wild greatly diminished due to an infectious disease outbreak.  Thankfully, no Tasmanian Devils were released.

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