Solomon’s Corner: Bigfoot Live Cam

coaching services for womenIt has been a long time since Solomon contributed to Extraordinary Intelligence. He’s been pretty busy lately working on his magnum opus, tentatively titled “Exo-Caticana”.   During an unusually lazy day, he discovered something that he told me I simply have to share with the E.I. readers.  So without further adieu, Solomon the Cat proudly presents, the Bigfoot Live Cam.

Do you have plenty of spare time to devote to staring intently into an undisclosed wooded area in search of an elusive crypto-creature?  I certainly hope so, because regardless of how much interest you have in the bigfoot legend, this live cam will capture your fancy and just may be your perfect procrastination destination.

In conjunction with the new season of its show “Finding Bigfoot”, clomiphene citrate tablet usp 50mg has launched the 24/7 live cam which is planted in an area known for bigfoot sightings.  While the exact locale is a mystery, the camera swivels around as you watch it sweep past trees and brush, into a clearing area.  And don’t be disappointed when the sun goes down; this bigfoot live cam has infrared night vision, giving you the ability to hunt the sneaky Squatch over a midnight snack.

While Solomon remains mum on whether he believes in bigfoot or not, I suspect that he knows something he isn’t telling me.  Therefore, I am making sure to periodically check out the bigfoot live cam, ready to alt-PrtScr anything that catches my eye.

For ease of viewing, I’ve embedded the live cam directly into this post. You can check it out below, and let us know if you spot a Squatch!

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