Beyond Extraordinary with Natalina – Episode One: So it Begins

You’ve waited.  You’ve been patient.  You’ve worn the soles of your shoes bare with your toe tapping anticipation.  And now, FINALLY, it has arrived.

This is the premier episode of Beyond Extraordinary with Natalina.  It is a little rough around the edges and there’s no guest this week.   Just me and my thoughts.   I touch on the NSA scandal, the crossing of the “red line” by the Syrian army, and in a particularly controversial section, I discuss the Russian extremism laws that have recently made headlines.  For some reason, I was somewhat nervous during that portion of the show, so I lightened the mood with a bit of Soviet Red Army Choir music in the background. Leave it to Natalina. (I do recognize that a couple of places where I added background music, it was a little too loud.  I’m a noob.)

Going forward, I’ll attempt to post new shows every Friday, and I’ve got some great guests waiting in the wings.  Enjoy!

Feel free to listen directly from this site, or click the download link to take Natalina with you!  Links to articles mentioned in the podcast can be seen below.

beyond extraordinary

Thanks to Dennis Rano of Ufologistoons for the Interstellar caricature of Natalina and Solomon!

For those unable to download or stream the podcast, I’ve uploaded it to You Tube:




  1. Snivel. Natalina, it just jammed up for me, be it listening on the site or attempting to download it, so I cannot comment. Do you maybe have another way of listening?

    • natalina

      Oh no Kevin! Seems to be working for others :( Tell you what.. later this evening I’ll try to upload it to Youtube!

      • Thanks, Nat. I appreciate that.

        • natalina

          No prob! And by “tonight” I clearly meant TONIGHT. haha Sorry Kev, got sidetracked yesterday.

  2. cleireac

    Is it available via iTunes yet?

  3. That’s the great thing about living in different parts of the world. It is always night for one of us (possibly not quite, but let’s not fight about it). ;)

    • natalina

      Well Kev, it took me longer than I thought, but I have finally added the podcast to Yt and it is embedded at the bottom of the post. JUST FOR YOU! :)

      • Thank you very much, Natalina. I am not sure what the problem was/is, but am determined to listen just so I can give you some negative…I mean, positive feedback. ;)

        Hopefully next time you don’t have to go to all that trouble for little old me! Thanks once again! Greetings from Berlin.

  4. Matthew Smith

    Greetings. Will there be an rss feed where I can subscribe to this on my podcast catcher?

  5. Matthew Smith

    Nevermind. I found it. It was right in front of my face. Lol. Anyways….cool show. My recommendation would be to have an rss feed dedicated to the podcast itself to differentiate from other posts. Also maybe see if you can get the Revelations Radio Network to carry it as well. They have a ton of cool podcasts. Your show would make a great addition to their podcast awesomeness.

  6. Frank Lee

    I just heard all of first podcast,and so glad I did. Your warm words of your grandpa,and your heartfelt appeal for us to consider Christ and the free gift of Gods salvation was so precious and full of love! I was also moved by your humbleness. You are uniquely gifted for this work and I will listen often! I also love L A Marzulli,can he be a guest sometime!?!….Love you, Frank

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