Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 6: Outside the Cage with Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio

This episode was actually recorded over a week ago, but I’ve been so busy it took me a while to post!  Don’t worry, it’s totally worth the wait.

youtube china matchmaking show is a podcast that has been on regular rotation in my mp3 player for quite some time.  Not only is the show fun and informative, but it is also unique in its approach to a variety of topics – providing Christian worldview commentary with a fresh and entertaining vibe.

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With that said, it isn’t all fun and games.  Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio take what they do seriously, and their hope it to enlighten and inform; encouraging you to “think outside the cage.”  For those unfamiliar with some of the topics they discuss,Canary Cry Radio may very well serve as a proverbial canary in the coal mine, sounding an alarm and giving the listener Biblical perspective with which to navigate the mysterious world in which we live.

It was such an honor to talk to both Basil and Gonz for episode six of Beyond Extraordinary.  I know you’ll enjoy it!

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(this is the last episode in which you’ll be forced to tolerate my weird creaky headset mic.  I got a fancy new microphone now, and it is awesome!)


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Interview with Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio