Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 5: Addressing Stuff

This week’s episode of Beyond Extraordinary is sort of a rambling stream of consciousness featuring a variety of issues that have been on my mind.  There is no guest.  Just you and me.  Wanna snuggle?

The name of this podcast is self explanatory, and you’ll hear how the genius behind this poetic title was achieved within the first five minutes of the show.  Btw, the sound quality is a wee bit sketchy, due to a microphone malfunction that occurred somewhere during the recording process.  Being the highly skilled tech engineer that I am, I tried all of the classic fixes (slamming it against the desk, throwing it on the ground, stomping on it, yelling at it) and nothing worked.  Fortunately, I found a piece of junk headset mic in the dark recesses of my tool box (read: crap storage container) that worked in a pinch, but left a lot of popping and snapping noises due to the fact that the rickety old thing creaks with every jaw movement and facial expression.  Along with that, there are some volume control issues, which I’ve been told is something I also struggle with outside of the podcasting realm.

beyond extraordinary

With all of that said, this podcast combines moments of levity with some serious exploration of disturbing trends and current events, and ends with a little bit of Good News.  Hope you enjoy.

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  1. The young people are more impressionable for a number of reasons, they are exposed to significantly more media and devices that can influence their behavior, through messages, symbolism and frequencies (binaural etc). Additionally, the bombarding of fluoride resulting in the calcification of the pineal gland with substances both recreational and in our food/water sources makes them more susceptible to demonic interactions. DMT and its inhibitor and the pineal gland being the root of the soul is an interesting area of study I’ve only briefly touched upon but begs further consideration. Perhaps you might have an interest in this! Based upon my research, the best observations come from the use of Ayahuasca by shamans and more recently by those hoping to transcend consciousness in the new age movement. Most if not all accounts include contact with interdimensional beings, often of a malevolent nature whom all participants encounter on their “trip”. It is more like the shield between spiritual and physical is unveiled with the DMT inhibitor constituents present in the tea.

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