Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 4: Chronicles of Dinosauria with David “Dino Dave” Woetzel

Dinosaurs!!  One of my favorite subjects since I was a little girl.  These behemoths of history are a source of wonder and awe, and have been part of the human story since the beginning.

David “Dino Dave” Woetzel was drawn to dinosaurs at an early age. He has dedicated his life to studying these amazing creatures, and approaches the topic from a Biblical perspective.

In 1999, David produced the website allergic reactions to azithromycin, which has a stated purpose “to showcase the evidence that dinosaurs and man were created together and have co-existed throughout history.” He is also the author of the book tadalafil prescription in Australia NV, which details much of the evidence Dave has gathered in his research, and contains amazing illustrations by Richard Dobbs.  The site and the book are full of amazing facts that will keep any dino-enthusiast riveted.

In this interview, Dino Dave takes us through the subject of dinosaurs from a variety of angles:

Scriptural Evidence

Historical Evidence

Paleontological Evidence

Cryptozoological Evidence

His primary thesis is that it can be proven that dinosaurs and man once coexisted.

Please enjoy the show! Rawr!


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