Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 39: Ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths

Most of the world has heard of the Church of Scientology in some fashion.  Some consider it to be a wacky cult while others think it is a harmless self help group.  If it were up to Scientology, they’d have us call it a religion.  With the recent HBO expose click for source , Scientology’s dirty secrets have hit the mainstream in ways that must have its hierarchy in a state of panic, yet since its very inception Scientology has faced ridicule and controversy, and has somehow managed to continue drawing in recruits.

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My guest for this episode is Pete Griffiths, himself an ex-Scientologist.  Once a devout member of the church, Pete now devotes himself to educating people about the dangers of Scientology, and seeks to hold Scientologists accountable for the damage they’ve done to countless lives.  To discuss the church of Scientology, its origins, how he became involved and how he came to be a staunch anti-Scientology advocate… I was pleased to welcome Pete Griffiths to Beyond Extraordinary.

“Scientology is NOT a religion, it is a crime syndicate.”  Pete Griffiths

As you listen to the interview, you’ll find that the connection is a bit shaky in the first third of the show. This does clear up as the interview progresses.  Pete was Skyping in from Ireland so our connection had a few lapses.

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