Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 34: “Another Jesus” Calling with Warren Smith

Longtime listeners of this show and readers of my blog are well aware of my former interest and involvement with New Age practices and beliefs.  Upon becoming a devout Christian, I grew increasingly concerned by what I was witnessing inside Christian circles… practices and beliefs that very much mirrored what I’d studied from New Age teachers and philosophers.  Similarly, Warren Smith and his wife were at one time deeply enmeshed in the New Age lifestyle.


After becoming a Christian, Warren has been on a mission to wake up the church which in many ways seems to have fallen into this same New Age deception that he and his wife had escaped by giving their lives to Jesus.   Warren is the author of many books including The Light That Was Dark, Deceived on Purpose, False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?,  and A “Wonderful” Deception – as well as several booklet tracts that expand upon the research and exposés that he’s published.

In today’s program, we’re going to be focusing largely on the topic of the wildly popular book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Warren Smith has written a thorough and much needed response to this book titled “Another Jesus” Calling, which explores the new age implications and spiritual deception lying inside the pages of Young’s seemingly innocent devotional.

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