Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 30 – Brian Godawa: David Ascendant and the Chronicles of the Nephilim

I have known of phentermine weight loss tips work for quite some time.  As with many authors, his areas of research intrigued me, but I hadn’t taken the time to delve extremely deeply into his published works.  Thankfully, over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of delving deeper into Godawa’s research and had the opportunity to read several of his books.   The stories are epic in scope, magnificent in detail, and heavy on scholarship while simultaneously rich in imagination.

In his More Info series, Brian takes well known Biblical heroes and weaves their stories into novels that combine scriptural detail, historical accuracy, and fantasy elements that “read between the lines” of what is written in our Bibles.  Although he takes artistic license with items that are not specifically mentioned in scripture, he uses the Bible as his guide and what emerges are inspiring tales of intrigue and suspense and triumph that always point to redemption and grace.

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Brian’s latest book, David Ascendant was just released on November 12, and it does not disappoint.  From the book description:

Six Giant Assassins.
One Target: King David.
Goliath Was Only the First.

You can read the full book description here:  half life ambien Sacramento

Brian and I had a great conversation about all of his books with a special emphasis on David Ascendant, as well as Brian’s testimony and a bit about what inspired him to take on this series in the first place.

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen.  This is a good one y’all!

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