Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 3: Warrior Cops and Constitutional Crisis with William Toler

Every day, new information is released proving that our Government is bent on intruding into our daily lives and infringing upon our personal liberty.  To some, it is shocking to find out that our government spies on its own citizens, and refuses to adhere to its own Constitution.  For others, it is apparent that this degradation of our rights and increase in tyrannical tactics by the powers that be, while certainly at an all time high, has been in progress for a long long time.

Join Natalina in this candid interview with William Toler of the college essay personal statement.  We discuss the militarization of law enforcement and the encroaching police state, the complete disregard for Constitutionally protected freedoms, and the folks who’ve been caught in the cross-hairs of an out of control government.

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William Toler is the co-founder and managing editor of the Independent Register, found online at
He is a political activist and his writing seeks to promote liberty, while exposing our out of control federal government.  Having worked for both alternative and mainstream media, he has a unique perspective as to how the “media machine” operates.


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