Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 12: 2013 Retrospective

This podcast was SUPPOSED to be out by New Year’s Eve.  Ha! Plans. Who needs ’em?  While I normally do my year end wrap up via an article here on Extraordinary Intelligence, this time I decided to wrap it all up via podcast.  So, here it is: Beyond Extraordinary Episode 12 – 2013 Retrospective!!

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I kick things off in this episode with a review of what I’m calling the Year of the Podcast, by looking back at the fun we’ve had here on Beyond Extraordinary over the past year.  Then, I switch right in to the top 10 most intriguing stories of 2013 as I see it.  There were would be comet close calls, there was whistle-blowing whimsy, and even a pope… or two.

Sit back and reminisce with me.  And may you all be blessed in this New Year!

Thanks to all of my guests on Beyond Extraordinary in 2013, and thanks also to those who invited me on to THEIR shows, including Derek Gilbert, L.A. Marzulli, Daniel Ott, and Diane Student.

My Top 13 Extraordinary Intelligence Articles of 2013 (in no particular order)

From Creation to Revelation: An Epic Love Story

From the Extraordinary Mailbag: Accusations of Anti-Catholic Heresy

Plight Thee My Troth: A Marriage Retrospective

My Fellow Conspiracy Theorists: Please Stop Embarrassing Yourselves

Still Waiting for NESARA: How UFO Cults and Crooks Co-opted a Financial Reform Proposal

A Troubling Transhumanist Tale

The Embarrassing Rise and Fall of the “Lake” at the North Pole

Accusations of Anti-Catholic Heresy Part Two: The Constitutionalist

Dianne Reidy’s Congressional Outburst: A Careful Examination

Becoming Bashar: Masquerading as an Angel of Light

I’ve Been There: A Message to Nonbelievers

Law of Attraction: A New Age Practice in the Modern Christian Church

Defending Christ the King – Refuting the Pagan Roots Lie


Beyond Extraordinary Episode Twelve: 2013 Retrospective