Beyond Belief: Battle With The Devil

For some, the battle between good and evil is a daily struggle.  For others, it is a battle for their very lives.  Christians throughout the world agree that the Devil is real, and he is constantly tempting us, afflicting us, and drawing us away from a path toward God.

ABC’s series Beyond Belief took a look at a few people who believe that humanity is engaged in all out spiritual warfare.  In “Battle With The Devil”, Terry Moran investigates the belief in Satanic will and demonic possession.

essay about nonverbal communicationHe talks to a woman who believes that years of abuse and drug addiction opened her up to possession by many spirits, and only her Priest was able to release her.  Another woman says that after her disturbing personal battle with Satan, she was compelled to join a church called Agape Bible Fellowship lead by Pastor Bob Goguen, where they practice physical deliverance from demonic forces during every service.

We also meet the son of George and Kathleen Lutz, the former tormented owners of the famed Amityville Horror house.  He says that the haunting was not a hoax, was very real, and was not a matter of a home possessed, but the result of George’s invitation of spirits into the home via transcendental meditation.

Also interviewed are founder of cialis levitra viagra price comparison Annie Lobert, who discusses her deliverence from prostitution to her new calling of trying to save sex worker in Las Vegas; and Dave Mustaine of the band Megadeth, who talks about his early history as a dabbler in the occult, and how dark forces are sometimes present in the music industry.  He is now a Christian, and discusses his experiences.

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