Before They Were Muppets….

Apparently, before they were the world famous Muppets, the Jim Henson puppets were kinda jerks.  They’ve always been a bit creepy to me, but back in the day it seems they were coffee promoting meanies who would inflict a variety of sadistic punishments, including murder,  to anyone opposed to their preferred brand.

the ghostwriters

Take a look:

The first video features a series of ads from the 1950’s made by Jim Henson and Co. for Wilkins Coffee.


The next series is a similar concept, this time for Red Diamond Coffee, aired in the mid 1960’s.

Now, if you’re officially afraid to use brand X when it comes to your morning caffeine choices, I’d like to further traumatize you with the following commercial for a Canadian brand of snacks called Wheels, Flutes and Crowns.


This ad is one of my favorites.  In 1967, this commercial was aired for Lint Fabric Finish, featuring mascot Sir Linit.  “What ho, clothes? How feelest thou now?”

There were lots of other commercials created by Jim Henson and his merry men before the Muppets became the sensation that they were and still are to this day.  It is humbling to recognize that everyone has to start somewhere.

I leave you with one final commercial…  The La Choy Chow Mein Dragon.  This 1967 spot is called the “Sad Bride”. She’s sad because she can’t cook. As she forlornly declares, “I can’t even boil water!” Thank goodness there’s a creepy dragon in her pantry to help her out! Apparently at one time, La Choy’s catchphrase was “Quick cooked with Dragon Fire!”  Loves it.