Bananas for Sale: Have a Lovely Day!

Everyone is so enraptured (pardon my pun) about the big Doomsday prophesy for tomorrow (May 21, 2011) that it seems there is literally a gloomy heaviness in the air.  Even among those who don’t buy the Harold Camping story of the rapture being mere hours away, there just seems to be a lot of doom and gloom floating about today.

So, I’ve decided to deviate from the normal subject matter of Extraordinary Intelligence to show you something that has no purpose other than making you smile.  My darling friend texted me the following image of some items that were sitting on the counter at her workplace.  This cracked me up.  So many things in life remind me of the film  If you haven’t seen it… you should.

I’m certain that the essay on child labour 300-500 words would consider this heresy.  Have a Lovely Day!!

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