Aquatic Ape Hypothesis – Elaine Morgan

where to buy phentermine 37.5mg is an advocate for a controversial hypothesis that explains humanity’s unique differences from our primate cousins, by linking humans to a semi-aquatic ancestor.

wikipedia referenceThis beautiful image of a monkey swimming in the geothermal hot springs, Japan was taken by what does cialis look like. Click the image to visit his web site and see more of his incredible photography.

Here is the basic hypothesis according to Wikipedia:

As compared to the great apes, their nearest living relatives, humans exhibit many significant differences in anatomy and physiology, including bipedalism, almost hairless skin like some marine mammals, hair growth patterns following water flow-lines, increased subcutaneous fat for insulation, descended larynx, vestigial webbing between the fingers, vernix caseosa, a hooded nose, muscular nostril aperture control and the philtrum preventing water from entering the nostrils, voluntary breath control like marine mammals and birds, and greasy skin with an abundance of sebaceous glands, which can be interpreted as a waterproofing device. It has also been suggested that the abundance of docosahexaenoic acid and iodine in seafood would have been helpful in the development of a large brain. (Read more here…couples therapy homework ideas)

Take a listen to Elaine Morgan as she lays out her case for the Aquatic Ape “Missing Link”, and decide for yourself.  I think she speaks with some authority on the matter, and if her science can’t convince you, she might simply win you over by being incredibly charming 🙂

Thanks again to Posthuman Blues for the find.