Apostle Paul Debate June 28: Jeffrey Daugherty and Cris Putnam

The Pauline epistles contain some of the most oft cited portions of scripture in the entirety of the Christian Bible.  The Apostle Paul is perceived by Orthodox Christianity as being a chosen vessel of God by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ was delivered to the Gentiles. “But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.” Acts 9:15

But… what if everything we think we know about Paul is wrong?  What if he was not a legitimate apostle of Jesus?  Is it possible that the man we call Apostle Paul was actually part of a grand conspiracy, in cahoots with Emperor Nero, to undermine the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and to usher in a New World Order?

This is the premise of a book written by author levitra tabs 20mgclick reference is a narrative account of what Mr. Daugherty perceives to have been the true story behind Paul’s affiliation with Christianity.  He makes the bold claim that his work results in “the most important book about Christianity since the Bible.”  Understandably, such claims have raised eyebrows and interest across the theological spectrum.  Daugherty says that his background as a pastor and Biblical researcher helped to inform the conclusions of his book.

http://www.chanpenthai.com/ is a noted scholar and Biblical apologist, and has taken exception to Mr. Daugherty’s claims. Cris maintains that the information contained within Daugherty’s book has no factual basis, perverts the Gospel, and slanders an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Paul Debate Promo

Both men have agreed to an academic debate to be held on June 28th.  This debate will be hosted and moderated by Natalina of the Beyond Extraordinary podcast, and will follow closely to a Lincoln/Douglas debate format, including opportunities for both men to present their case, cross-examine one another, present rebuttals, and they’ll be given equal time to conclude their case.  My function will be strictly to moderate and keep time.  I will refrain from injecting any personal opinion into the mix.

I welcome everyone to check out each man’s website for more information on their areas of study, and come back to ExtraordinaryIntelligence.com  on the evening of Saturday, June 28th to listen to what I hope will be a civilized debate.  As a former debater myself, I have a huge deal of respect for the institution of the Lincoln/Douglas format, and will do my best to preserve the dignity of such a platform.

This is a pre-recorded debate and will be published the evening of June 28th.  If you’d like to be notified immediately upon release, please subscribe to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, or through the RSS feed directly from this site:  Extraordinary Intelligence Feed.

We hope you will tune in and share your thoughts post-debate!