Andrea Bocelli Tells a Little Story About Abortion

This morning I was in the mood to listen to some music by my favorite tenor, international opera sensation Andrea Bocelli.   I was perusing You Tube to put together a Bocelli playlist when I happened upon a video that many of you may have seen, but it was new to me.

In the video, Bocelli tells the story of how a young mother was encouraged by doctors to abort her child because her medical condition could potentially create complications in her unborn child which could result in various disabilities.  Bocelli says that the mother chose not to abort her child, and then he reveals that this story is about his own mother, and the child was him.

Soon after his birth in 1958, Bocelli was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma which made him partially blind.  He then lost his vision completely at the age of 12 years after he was hit on the  head during a game of soccer.

The message was delivered by Bocelli for Father Richard Frechette, a missionary who works with children in Haiti.  The priest, he said, “asked me to say a few words of hope for mothers in difficulties and I chose to tell the story of my birth. ”

In an article for Italian newspaper Il Foglio, Bocelli made clear that he is 100% anti-abortion.

“I am not only fighting against something, I am fighting for something – and I am for life,” he said.

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Bocelli has stated on several occasions that he does not like to discuss his blindness, not because he is ashamed, but because he feels that it is a minor detail of his life given the many other blessings he has received.

I was very moved by Andrea Bocelli’s story and glad I happened upon it this morning.  To end this post, I’m including a performance by Bocelli and one of my other favorite singers of all time, the prima diva soprano Sarah Brightman, singing the incredible duet “Time to Say Good-bye.”