Ancient Aliens Debunked: Dismantling the Chariots of the Gods

A few years ago, I sat in a diner with my little brother having a discussion.  Conversation turned to one of our favorite topics; ancient astronauts.  We two were always quizzical about the mysteries of life, and as we talked about each major ancient aliens theory point in detail, we became more and more convinced that it must be true.  Certainly, the History Channel had gone a long way to putting this at the forefront of our minds, but this was not my first encounter with the theory.

Quite a few years earlier, I was in college taking an Art History class.  Somehow amid lectures of Baroque paintings and flying buttresses, our professor decided that it was appropriate to show us the film adaptation of Erich von Däniken’s  Full Article.  I was riveted.  It all seemed to plausible.  So exciting!

Fast-forward to a few weeks after the discussion between myself and my brother.  My parents came to town to visit us (we’d both moved to the same city at the time) and we commenced our ritual of sitting outside on the patio of a local bar enjoying a cold beer and a casual conversation.  Somehow this oddball discussion of ancient aliens came up again, and we learned that my father had read dapoxetine europe Illinois many years ago, and he too was fascinated by the subject.

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All this to say that over the years I’ve heard just about every bit of evidence to support the Ancient Astronaut Theory (AAT) and am very familiar with the details of the claims.  It had all sounded reasonable to me for a long time (“ancient aliens = reasonable” shows you where my New Age mindset had long been) and I fell into a dangerous way of thinking.  I took all of these “experts” at their word, presuming that if there was any evidence contrary to what they were claiming, surely someone would have sounded that alarm and put these theories to bed.  Hearing and seeing no credible voices of protest, I was content to accept that what these fellas were saying was true.  No logical explanation existed for things like the Crystal Skulls, the Easter Island Moai, the construction of the Great Pyramids, the ruins of Pumapunku, The Nazca Lines, Teotihuacan, Pacal’s Sarcophagus, and the rest.  Aliens!!

With the popular History Channel TV show Ancient Aliens becoming the cornerstone of History Channel programming, I was never at a loss of new and fantastic AAT information to marinate in and wonder about.  Ancient Astronauts were mainstream, and their awesomeness was second only to the mystifying heavenward growth of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos’ hair.

As tends to happen, sometimes our worldview shifts.  Over time, I started to have difficulty fitting AAT into my evolving view of history and human existence.  Without knowing how to address this fact, I sort of brushed the AAT to the side and dismissed it, content to simply not think about it.  This is also dangerous, because my distance from a topic of this nature, particularly given my voice in the world of alternative media, can be assumed to be silent advocacy, or at least a peaceful coexistence/acceptance.

Along came Chris White and his documentary Ancient Aliens Debunked.  I have to admit that while the concept intrigued me, I sat on the film for a while before watching it.  I felt that I already knew what it was going to say.  I arrogantly presumed that it would be a film detailing the AAT claims and countering them with a sort of  “It wasn’t aliens, it was some other amazing phenomena like sound wave levitation or super-massive magnets” mentality which really wouldn’t convince anyone who was stuck on AAT.  I’d seen plenty of that kind of thing already and while it is a legitimate argument, it ain’t gonna win the die hard cult of Nibiru folks.

Finally, my husband and I found ourselves with a spare three hours and figured out how to stream You Tube videos through our Xbox 360 (we’re a little slow).  I suggested that we should give Ancient Aliens Debunked a whirl and he begrudgingly complied.  We were instantly impressed by White’s thorough research, his citing of sources, and his diligent adherence to the facts.  His is not a documentary of indoctrination, but a methodical deconstruction of nearly every AAT claim.  He shows that not only are the AAT claims about ancient history, ancient texts, ancient architecture and ancient civilizations grossly misinterpreted, they’re in many cases outright fabrications.

The major flaw with AAT is that it assumes all civilizations prior to what we would consider modern (maybe post Roman Empire) were inept and primitive.  While this may be true in comparison to our major advances of the past 100 years, it isn’t true in the sense that ancient man was incapable of marvels of their own, birthed from their own ingenuity and necessity.  Quite the contrary, their lack of the modern conveniences that we take for granted and assume are necessary for the most minute of tasks, made creative solutions to complex problems something to which our ancestors were quite adept, and fortunately they left vast stores of evidence behind.

That AAT dismisses obvious explanations in favor of ALIENS!! is an understatement.  That many AAT experts are willing to actually LIE about the evidence is a truism that I find disturbing.  From misrepresenting the construction of an ancient city in order to proclaim that it was clearly once used as an alien landing pad, to boldly claiming that Sumerian texts say something that they certainly do not, the leaders in the field of AAT have a lot of explaining to do, and I assume they won’t be backing down any time soon.

Nevertheless, I sense that this article will be met with criticism and skepticism.  I’ve made my Christian worldview no secret in the past year or so, and it is likely that many will dismiss this evidence without giving it a chance.  I get it.  I have been there.  One becomes emotionally invested in AAT and it is difficult to believe that it ALL could be wrong.  And yet, the evidence suggests that the entire premise is based upon a combination of conjecture, bad research, and yes… even lies.

The Ancient Aliens Debunked documentary does not rely upon one’s acceptance of Biblical principals in order to come to the conclusions that Chris White does.  What the documentary and its companion website do is to take the viewer on an exploration of the AAT claims and debunks them one by one with solid scientific evidence and thorough research that any scholar would have a difficult time ignoring.  Adding to the veracity of the scholarship in this film is the commentary supplied by ancient languages/history professor Mike Heiser.

What I’m asking is that you take the time to watch the full film.  Chris White has made it 100% free to view online and he’s not making a dime from its distribution.  This is not about making a name for himself or a fortune for his work, it is about a much needed voice of reason being injected into what has become the mainstream acceptance of a flawed theory.  If you’re going to leave a comment here, I just ask that you would PLEASE watch the full film first.  Go into it with an open mind and if you come away from it with your AAT beliefs still intact, please let us know why.  I’d really like to see a good discussion here, but I want it limited to those who’ve actually watched the film.

Watch the full presentation of Ancient Aliens Debunked right here:

Once you’ve watched the film, please take the time to visit the website  The filmmaker has provided links to all of the evidence supplied within the film, as well as further analysis of AAT claims that weren’t featured in the film.

In fairness, Philip Coppens (one of the researchers featured in The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series) has posted a rebuttal of the film on his website, and you can read it here:  Debunking Ancient Aliens Debunked followed by Mr. White’s debunking of the debunking of his debunking (lol) here:  My Response to Philip Coppens – Debunking Ancient Aliens Debunked…Debunked