American Stonehenge – The Georgia Guidestones

Elbert County, Georgia is the home of one of the greatest modern enigmas in the United States.  The Georgia Guidestones form a huge granite structure that contains very cryptic writing, and whose origins are steeped in mystery.


Standing 20 ft tall and consisting of six stone tablets, the Guidestones were commissioned to be built in 1979 by a man using the pseudonym R.C. Christian.  Some say that this is a nod to the secret brotherhood of the Rosicrucians.  Rumors and conspiracies that this structure was the work of some secret society have dominated speculation, especially given the nature of the text involved.

The Georgia Guidestones contain a list of 10 guidelines written in 8 different languages on the faces of the 4 largest stones.  The languages featured are English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.  The messages contained in these 10 “commandments” on the surface may seem reasonable, even practical.  That said, further examination has caused some to worry.  The 10 principles outlined are as follows:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

Why the fuss?  It does seem like there are some realistic goals set forth by this monument.  However, what has people skeptical is the underlying context implying that humanity as we know it is a burdensome in general and must be dealt with.  This fear stems from theories that there is a shadow government lurking behind the scenes, and the members of this cloak and dagger group are generally members of a larger fraternity of secret societies like the Freemasons or Illuminati.  Ultimately it is a fear of a New World Order that is said to consist of powerful men who would like to see the Earth’s population dramatically lessened through the use of eugenics and martial law maneuvers.  It is believed that these men do not wish to see this population reduction for the sake of the Earth, but rather as a means to better assert control.

In this context, the guidelines to appear to take on a more sinister meaning.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000. Given that the the Earth’s population is currently nearing 7 billion, this would mean a dramatic decrease in numbers.  Also, Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity could be seen as a call for forced sterilizations and other limits on reproductive rights.  Avoid petty laws and useless officials is often cited as a call for a police state, or martial law; eliminating local law enforcement and replacing them with National or World officials under one umbrella. The theories go on and on.

Author and researcher Mark Dice explores the Georgia Guidestones at length in his book The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction.


Near the Georgia Guidestones is an explanatory tablet, that outlines the dimensions of the monument, as well as the astrological significance.  There are other facts listed here, such as the date erected and the languages included.  The following is an exact listing of the information contained, which can also be seen on the Official Web Site of The Georgia Guidestones.

At the center of each tablet edge is a small circle, each containing a letter representing the appropriate compass direction (N, S, E, W).

At the top center of the tablet is written:

The Georgia Guidestones

Center cluster erected March 22, 1980

Immediately below this is the outline of a square, inside which is written:

Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason

Around the edges of the square are written the names of four ancient languages, one per edge. Starting from the top and proceeding clockwise, they are:

  • Babylonian cuneiform
  • Classical Greek
  • Sanskrit
  • Egyptian hieroglyphics

On the left side of the tablet is the following column of text:

Astronomic Features

1. channel through stone

indicates celestial pole.

2. horizontal slot indicates

annual travel of sun.

3. sunbeam through capstone

marks noontime throughout

the year

Author: R.C. Christian

(a pseudonyn) [sic]

Sponsors: A small group

of Americans who seek

the Age of Reason

Time Capsule

Placed six feet below this spot


To Be Opened on

The words appear as shown under the time capsule heading; no dates are engraved.

On the right side of the tablet is the following column of text:


1. OVERALL HEIGHT – 19 feet 3 inches (5.9 m)
2. TOTAL WEIGHT – 237, 746 POUNDS (107 tons)
3. FOUR MAJOR STONES ARE 16 feet (4.9 m),
4. CENTER STONE IS 16 feet (4.9 m), FOUR-
5. CAPSTONE IS 9 feet (2.7 m), 8-INCHES
LONG; 6 feet (1.8 m), 6-INCHES WIDE;
1-foot (0.30 m), 7-INCHES THICK. WEIGHS
24,832 POUNDS.
4 INCHES LONG 2 feet (0.61 m) WIDE.
1-foot (0.30 m), 4 INCHES THICK, EACH
2 1/2 INCHES LONG, 2 feet (0.61 m), 2-INCHES
WIDE; 1-foot (0.30 m), 7-INCHES THICK.
8. 951 cubic feet (26.9 m3) GRANITE.

Below the two columns of text is written the caption:


The names of eight modern languages are inscribed along the long edges of the projecting rectangles, one per edge. Starting from due north and moving clockwise around so that the upper edge of the northeast rectangle is listed first, they are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Hindi
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Russian

Below is a list of items that discuss the Guidestones and/or related relevant information. Click on any product to learn more.

What do you think? Is this simply a monument constructed by a wealthy idealist calling for a more harmonious world, or is there something far darker afoot?

Wired Magazine did a very thorough article on the Guidestones which can be viewed here:

American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse





  1. I love conspiracy theories …
    Terribly lazy of them to have a typo in there.
    Secret order desiring greater global control. That one’s as old as the hills.
    No date to open the time capsule? Curious.

  2. natalina

    Bruno, clearly I love them too. There’s this little piece of me that hopes they’re all true..until they force me to take the chip and lock me in a secret prison in Siberia. Perhaps then I’ll be singing a different tune!

    The time capsule intrigues me so much. What’s in there. Was the date left off ofr a reason? Curioser.

  3. The lone gunman

    Sounds all a little 1984 to me. I wonder who was behind it. It does sound very sinister.

  4. natalina

    TLG, Big Brother is watching us for sure. It all seems a bit creepy, and just the type of thing the arrogant elitists might do right? They’re secretive, and yet bold enough to build a monument to their master plan that everyone can see…. it just makes you wonder.

  5. I see that point 3 of the Georgia Guidestones is “unite humanity with a living new language”

    Unfortunately there is no mention of Esperanto which indeed is a living new language.

    Can I ask your readers to have a look at

    Otherwise ?

  6. That is amazing and scary at the same time. I would love to see this in person.

  7. natalina

    Brian, I think the moment a culture gives up their own language, they begin to lose their identity.

    Kristin, me too! Perhaps we’ll have to plan a weekend getaway to Georgia! :)

  8. dj

    500,000,000… there are 7 billion people in the world, that means that between 78% to 80% of the population of the world will have to be distroyed in some way… are you one of the few that will be selected to live or are you ready to die? This is one worldisum. The stone monument was erected by a member of the Bildaburgers.

  9. “They’re secretive, and yet bold enough to build a monument to their master plan that everyone can see…. it just makes you wonder.”

    The best place to hide something is in plain sight.

  10. BTW, if you decide to go…let me know. I’m about a day’s drive away from them.


  12. Frank

    Why is everyone fretting? This is exactly what needs to happen. I for one hope they succeed. And no, I’m not brainwashed, I just see ‘reality’- you know, that large thing outside your window. There are 6 billion of us yes, and there will be more, and more, and then all life will be extinguished from our sheer demand for resources, there will indeed be nowhere for nature to thrive. Unity is exactly what is needed, and I for one am going to work towards it. Albert Einstein knew this, and stated that one world government was a necessity. He’s right, division serves one thing; competition, anotheer word for conflict.

  13. Frank

    You see, we already live in your ‘New World Order’ environment; everyone IS being brainwashed; it’s called advertising, and it persuades you to buy crap that you will never need for any reason all the time. ‘Advertising’ is just a cute word for bombarding you with phoney reasons and artificial insecurities so you’ll buy products. That’s the system is which we live. And it’s a fundamentally unsustainable one; when resources run out on this side of the world, we take it from elsewhere, by force.
    I’m also at a loss to think that the people in power don’t see that the cycle of violence is only remediated by the wisdom to forgive, and that to understand your enemy is to know no enemy. These are very simple truths that were espoused by Jesus, Guatama Buddha, Mohammed and other key philosophical figures. And those figures were key because people saw the truth in the doctrine; doctrine that has been largely hidden from view due to the huge institutions that have grown out of these simple teachings e.g. The Roman Catholic Church and Islam.

  14. Frank

    One more thing:

    Mohammed said: “The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr.”

    Reason is valued above all else in all these ‘religious’ figures, regardless of what their later contributors may have you think.

    You hold on to that.

  15. bill


  16. TT

    In researching this particular site’s mystery man R.C. Christian, I have come up with only 2 possibilities of who may be behind this. Some have said Ted Turner. I cannot refute that however I would like to add perhaps it is a group Mr. Turner is a secret member of, like the Bilderberg Group. This is a group of political figures, finaceers, heads of states, bankers, uber elites. They are headed up by a smaller number of uber rich elite men who call the shots. This upper eschaleon of global chess masters have no loyalty to any one country, have no religious affiliation and have plans to cull the world’s population to 500 million before we run out of natural renewable resources. They can make or break any country’s economical stance, control oil prices, wars, and elections. They have grown out of their more coveted den of secrecy by no choice of their own. The Bilderberg group controls the media, the politicians, the policy-makers, and the global future. Be afraid because if you are not lucky enough to escape the massive culling they plan, you will be thrown into forced labor, working for these elitists who hand-pick who will live and who will die. I promise you, this rabbit hole is no movie.

  17. TT

    PS: there are closer to 8 billion people inhabiting earth today. To cut the population down to 500 million, you need to get rid of 7 and a half billion people globally! Do you not realize how wrong this is? Whoever is left is not left to enjoy life’s freedoms, they are left to serve the leading elitists who have eliminated most of the world’s populace through means of deception and murder.

    Right now the NorthCom Army are a new American trained army of 430k specifically trained to kill Americans in a Pandemic OR a Social uprise. They have also been trained to force vaccinations when given the word. It would be easy to spread a life-threatening virus only to those you’d want to kill as long as you had the antidote. These people are dangerous. They are rumored to have discussed the topic of sterilization through bottled water, and baby foods. The meeting in Spain in June 2010 the topics discussed consisted of taking fire-arms away from people, not global warming but global cooling now due to the leaked false statistics which did not support global warming, and how to feed the public the plausibility of shutting down the internet with a Kill Switch Bill. They’re intent is to ultimately make for themselves a future utopia only they and they’re bloodlines shall enjoy while keeping enough people around to keep things running. LIST OF BILDERBERG PARTICIPANTS TO DATE:

    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
    Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
    Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, United Kingdom
    Juan Carlos I of Spain, King of Spain
    Prince Philippe, Prince of Belgium
    Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Queen Sofía of Spain

    Politicians which have attended one or more conferences organized by the Bilderberg Group:

    George W. Ball Under Secretary of State 1961-1968, Ambassador to U.N. 1968
    Sandy Berger National Security Advisor, 1997–2001
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Secretary of State
    Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary
    Lee H. Hamilton former US Congressman
    Christian Herter,53rd United States Secretary of State
    Charles Douglas Jackson Special Assistant to the President
    Joseph E. Johnson, President Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Henry Kissinger United States Secretary of State
    Colin Powell United States Secretary of State
    Condoleezza Rice, United States Secretary of State
    Lawrence Summers, Director of the National Economic Council
    Paul Volcker, Chair of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979–1987

    Bill Clinton President 1993-2001
    Gerald Ford President 1974-1977

    Tom Daschle, Senator from South Dakota 1987-2005
    John Edwards Senator from North Carolina 1999-2005
    Chuck Hagel Senator from Nebraska 1997-2009
    Sam Nunn Senator from Georgia 1972-1997

    Rick Perry Governor of Texas 2000-current
    Mark Sanford Governor of South Carolina

    United Kingdom:
    Paddy Ashdown former leader of Liberal Democrats, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Ed Balls former Economic Secretary to the Treasury and advisor to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and was Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (2007–2010)
    Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington (Steering Committee member), former Foreign Secretary
    Kenneth Clarke Chancellor of the Exchequer 1993-1997, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 2008-2010, Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice 2010-current
    Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Viscount Cranborne) Leader of the House of Lords 94-97
    Denis Arthur Greenhill, Lord Greenhill of Harrow (deceased) former Head of Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    Denis Healey (founder and Steering Committee member), former Chancellor of the Exchequer
    Peter Mandelson Business Secretary (2008–2010)
    John Monks former TUC General Secretary
    George Osborne Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2004–2010), Chancellor of the Exchequer 2010-current
    David Owen former British Foreign Secretary and leader of the Social Democratic Party
    Enoch Powell, (deceased) MP and Ulster Unionist
    Malcolm Rifkind former Foreign Secretary
    Eric Roll (Bilderberg Steering Committee), Department of Economic Affairs, 1964, later Bilderberg Group Chairman
    David Hannay, Baron Hannay of Chiswick Diplomatic posts at European Union and United Nations.
    John Smith (deceased), Labour Party leader

    Prime Ministers:
    Tony Blair Prime Minister 1997-2007
    Gordon Brown Prime Minister 2007- 2010
    David Cameron, Prime Minister 2010–present
    Edward Heath, Prime Minister 1970-1974
    Alec Douglas-Home Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, Prime Minister 1963-1964
    Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister 1979-1990

    Paul-Henri Spaak, Former Prime Minister (1963)

    Ruud Lubbers, Former Prime Minister
    Wim Kok, Former Prime Minister
    Jan-Peter Balkenende, Prime Minister

    Gaston Defferre member of National Assembly and mayor of Marseille (at the time)
    Georges Pompidou, Former Prime Minister of France, Former President of the French Republic

    Francisco Pinto Balsemão former Prime Minister of Portugal, 1981–1983 and CEO of Impresa media group

    Eero Heinäluoma former Chairman of the Finnish Social Democratic Party and he was the Minister of Finance between 2005 and 2007
    Jyrki Katainen chairman of Finnish National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) and the current Minister of Finance
    Sauli Niinistö former Minister of Finance (Finland), Speaker of Parliament
    Matti Vanhanen Prime Minister chairman of Suomen Keskusta

    Bjarni Benediktsson Mayor of Reykjavík 1940-47, Foreign Minister 1947-55, editor of The Morning Paper 1956-59, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs 1959-63, Prime Minister 1963-70
    Björn Bjarnason Assistant editor of The Morning Paper 1984-1991, Minister of Education 1995-2002, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs 2003, 2009
    Davíð Oddsson, Mayor of Reykjavík 1982-1991, Prime Minister 1991-2004, Foreign Minister 2004-2005, Central Bank governor 2005-2009, editor of The Morning Paper as of September 2009
    Einar Benediktsson ambassador: OECD 1956-60, UK 1982-1986, European Union et al. 1986-1991, NATO 1986-1990, United States et al. 1993-1997, etc.[65]
    Geir Haarde, Central Bank economist 1977-1983, member and chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee 1991-1998, Minister of Finance 1998-2005, Foreign Minister 2005-2006, Prime Minister 2006-2009
    Geir Hallgrímsson, Mayor of Reykjavík 1959-72, Prime Minister 1974-78, Foreign Minister 1983-1986, Central Bank governor 1986-1990
    Hörður Sigurgestsson, former CEO of shipping line Eimskip, former chairman and CFO of Icelandair[69]
    Jón Sigurðsson, IMF Board of Directors 1974-1987, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs 1987-88, Industry and Commerce 1988-93, Central Bank governor 1993-94, Nordic Investment Bank governor 1994-2005[70]

    Guido Westerwelle Chairman of the Free Democratic Party of Germany and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany.
    Helmut Schmidt, West German Chancellor

    Józef Retinger (1954 to 1960), Founder and secretary of Bilderberg Group

    Jean Chretien Prime Minister of Canada, 1993–2003
    Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada, 2006-current
    Mike Harris, Premier of Ontario 1995-2002
    Bernard Lord, Premier of New Brunswick 1999-2006
    Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada, 2003–2006
    Frank McKenna Canadian Ambassador to the United States 2005-2006, Premier of New Brunswick 1987-1997

    Carl Bildt Minister of Foreign Affairs 2006-
    Anders Borg Minister of Finance 2006-
    Thorbjörn Fälldin Prime Minister 1976-1978
    Maud Olofsson Minister of Industry 2006-
    Fredrik Reinfeldt Prime Minister 2006-

    Heinz Fischer President 2004-present
    Werner Faymann Chancellor 2008-present
    Andreas Treichl CEO of Erste Bank
    Oscar Bronner newspaper publisher and painter

    EU Commissioners:
    European Union Commissioners who have attended include:

    Frederik Bolkestein former European Commissioner
    Pascal Lamy former European Commissioner for Trade, Director-General of the World Trade Organization 2005–present
    Peter Mandelson former European Commissioner for Trade 2004-2008
    Pedro Solbes former European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, former Second Vice President of Spain, former Minister of Economy and Finance

    UN, WTO, NATO and other International Organizations:
    Alexander Haig NATO Commander 1974-1979 (US Secretary of State 1981-1982)
    Lyman Lemnitzer Supreme Allied Commander NATO 1963-1969

    Colin Gubbins head of the British SOE
    Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO

    Financial institutions:
    Ben Bernanke Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve
    Wim Duisenberg, former European Central Bank President
    Gordon Richardson, former Governor of the Bank of England
    William J McDonough former President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Jean-Claude Trichet President of the European Central Bank 2003-current
    Paul Volcker former Chairman of the Federal Reserve
    Siegmund Warburg

    Major corporations:
    Percy Barnevik, former CEO of ASEA
    Michel Bon, former CEO of France Telecom
    Lord Browne of Madingley Chief Executive BP
    Bill Gates Chairman of Microsoft
    Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., IBM Chairman
    H. J. Heinz II CEO of H. J. Heinz Company
    André Lévy-Lang, (French) former CEO of Paribas
    Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and Nokia Corporation
    Paul Rijkens (Dutch) Former Chairman of Unilever
    Jürgen E. Schrempp, former CEO of DaimlerChrysler
    Hans Stråberg CEO of Electrolux
    Peter Sutherland, former Chairman of BP
    Martin Taylor[1], former CEO, Barclays
    Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Chairman Otto Wolff GmbH.
    Jacob Wallenberg Chairman of Investor AB

    University, institute and other academic:
    C. Fred Bergsten President, Peterson Institute
    Thierry de Montbrial, Director of the Institut Français des Relations Internationales

    Nicolas Beytout, (French) Editor of Le Figaro (France)
    Conrad Black Hollinger International, Inc., now in prison
    William F. Buckley, Jr. columnist and founder of National Review
    Will Hutton, former CEO of The Work Foundation and editor-in-chief for The Observer
    Andrew Knight journalist, editor, and media baron
    George Stephanopoulos Former Communications Director of the Clinton Administration (1993–1996), now ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent

  18. bfg

    i live here , want pictures?

    • natalina

      I’d certainly love to see some personal pictures of the Guidestones! Send them to, and I’ll post them. Make sure in the email you let me know how you’d like them attributed, or if you’d prefer to be referred to as “a reader”. Either way, I’d be thrilled. Thank you!

  19. bfg

    i will take some this weekend and load them to my laptop or pc. the origonal time capsule was opened ,i think or either thats when they decided to start one. i know some items placed in it will not last.paper cheap metal items don’t last.
    no one will tell who C is and you know someone has to know or do they, it is very unusual. we also have the worlds longest one piece spehere of granite 60 foot i think. read the book Elway-dishonorable conduct. our gay sheriff- so they say. our crooked police dept.-our court system- and you will know whi i stay out of the politics of this- granite capital of the world- self will not see me my family or car in the pictures. see ya. also hope i found a good forum. been doing this back when warez started. later.

  20. BFG

    responce to TT
    you are so right about Elway{Elbertons Way} look up Reg Owens.
    and yes certain click run etown. they own the utilities and a few own over 3/4 of etown.
    as for my family . never call the lawdog or ask city offical for help. we are self-sufficent.
    they are watching, looking for their next CI………stay cool and protect your own. c ya.

  21. cheryl

    To TT- Isn’t it unconstitutional to have that army you spoke of? Don’t we have the right to uprise if need be? It’s been a while since history class, but I thought that was one of our rights, along with having the army we know of..I know, dumb question right..

  22. Errol

    Well, I have it figured out. Someone has hung some slabs of granite out of the ground with messages engraved thereon. It is obvious that this would be the work of satan, but of course there is no such thing. Okay, it must be the new world order mob, except that this isn’t real either, so it has to be someone with access to big rocks and who has a few dollars. There it is. Now that I have cleared up this mystery, we can all go about our dreary everyday lives again, unless you are happy smoking your grass, in which case this mystery will deepen for you. As for the rest of you religious wankers and conspiracy theorists, you should be first in line to decrease the population, because you are useless individuals as you are.

    • natalina

      Thanks for your constructive comments, Errol. I, on the other hand, tend to feel that a bit of mystery is the spice of life… and the Georgia Guidestones offer up just such a mystery. Even without smoking grass ;)

  23. This hole damm grandnic rock we live on 90% of them are people that are never satisfy.Maybe that,s why 500,000,000 sounds like a good #. You know when you put to many rat,s in a cage they will fight for resource and even kill there neirbors.

  24. ok to turn the world pop. from 7bill. to 500 mill… look up in NASA every 15000(next is in 2012 or 2013) years the worlds and sun in our system will align. this will cause them all to reverse north/south polarity. they believe this will cause the sun to turn inside out. flooding the aligning planets will a lifetime of radiation for 8 hours of the earths population. but they say not to worry??? any way its believed this will kill all those in the part of the eath hit for those 8 hrs. this will cause world panic and cut off supplies… people will kill for bottled water…… i like the law of nature. we kill nature because there is too many people. if u are in any natural science class u learn that land can only sustain a certain number of people so to make up for it we humans over crop or over raise animals and destroy nature. we make GMO’s and flood almost all our meats with steroids and antibiotics and fatteners. its not good for us or nature……

  25. StonedDead

    I don’t think it is implied that anyone would be killed. It is more likely sterilization.

  26. StonedDead

    Killing people is not the only way to control population. Just find a food additive that slowly sterilizes the population. Note: I do not abdicate actually doing this.

  27. SKS

    Amazing, only one or two people have observed there is nothing saying how to get the population to the level stated. NOWHERE does it say that there should be legislated population control or breeding. I does imply that it is up to the INDIVIDUAL to do those things. To THINK before doing. hmmph, the reactions of some writers who hide behind cowardly false name (mr. conner that means you)as means to sell their crap books. Still, a good laugh is often needed. Conspiracy theories like this are a good chuckle and let’s the intelligent and informed and insight to the lack of reading comprehension of the masses. p.s. those are my real intials and the pervers implication of them hasn’t escaped my notice since I was 10.

  28. Anonymous

    boot every man & woman out of the house & senate and start over from scratch.especially the speaker of the house,this guy needs to go back to first grade.

  29. Anonymous

    The world population in 1979 was 4.3B. It seems odd that the artist chose to inscribe the stones with a number that was about 1/8th of the population at that time.

  30. Anonymous

    I dont believe in any of this life will continue theres no reason in why it should end and if it does happend that we will die well what can we do thats why we need to live are life to the fullest because life is to short we all need to die some day so why do we fear death thats why go have fun live your life make ur dreams happend and dont be afraid we will all go someday

    Hope I helped

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