Ambam: The Gorilla Who Walks Like a Man

Ambam is the latest internet sensation.  This Western Lowland gorilla at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England,  has thrilled half a million online viewers with his unique ability to walk upright.

Ambam is not the first gorilla ever seen to stand upright, but he has captured the imagination of so many because of his startlingly human swagger.

Interestingly, two-legged ambulation seems to run in Ambam’s family.  A at the zoo in Kent says that Ambam’s father used to do it, and this strange trait has also been witnessed in his sister and half sister.

The question is, does this indicate an evolutionary shift in the gorilla that will be genetically passed on?  Rare, human-like behavior has been witnessed in primates before:

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ContinuedAnother question that springs to mind is, if primates can learn to walk upright, is this perhaps a clue as to the origin of the Bigfoot myth?  Were/are there creatures similar to a gorilla that have adapted this ability living in regions where Bigfoot has been seen, or tracks have been located?  Food for thought.

More likely, it is something that the gorilla’s have learned from living in close proximity with human beings.

That said, I may have to re-watch my link … just to be on the safe side.

Right:  At 6ft tall, Ambam strikes an impressive pose.