Allegations of Ritualistic Abuse in ‘White Witch’ Trial

Members of a coven of witches in Cornwall are standing trial for a string of abuse accusations that stretch from the 1970s through 2009.

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Peter Petrauske (known to coven members as “German Pete”) is shown in ceremonial garb with a metal pentagram. Part of a Baphomet picture can be seen hanging on the wall.

Peter Petrauske, 72, and Jack Kemp, 69, are currently facing charges that they sexually abused young children during rituals in which they donned ceremonial robes and used daggers to ritualistically torture minors for 30 years.

Jason Beal, prosecuting attorney, says that accusers as young as three years old claim to have been forced to undress or have their hands bound during such ceremonies performed by Petrauske and Kemp and were later given candy and money to buy their silence.  It is alleged that the victims were often given alcohol or drugs prior to the rituals in an effort to more easily control them.

One victim claims that her hands were bound while hot wax was poured onto her body and daggers were waved about.  She is not the only one to make such claims.

Truro Crown Court is hearing these allegations from a string of witnesses with similar stories of torment and abuse at the hands of the self proclaimed “White Witches”.  Both men deny all charges, including a rape charge against Petrauske.  The precise number of charges are as follows:  Three charges of indecent assault and one rape for Petrauske – Fifteen charges of sexual assault against children aged 3 – 15 for Kemp.

The ongoing trial is expected to last about four weeks.