Alex Jones Takes His Infowar to The View

The ladies of acted completely blindsided by radio show host as he joined him on their famous couch to discuss his recent and now infamous interview with Charlie Sheen.

But really, what were they expecting?  A cursory glance at ANYTHING Alex is involved with should have indicated to them that this was not going to be a mere celebrity gossip segment.  Alex Jones is best known for his passionate belief in a New Word Order, and his contention that 9-11 was in Inside Job.

As anyone who knows Jones could predict, he brought the goods by spending a bit of time defending his friend Sheen, and then taking his opportunity before an audience of millions to voice his views on the Elite, including the statement, “He [Sheen] didn’t kill a million people in Iraq.. he wasn’t involved in the take down of Building 7 here in New York.”

Charlie Sheen has been making negative headlines for years, but most recently he’s been brutalized in the media for his interview with Alex Jones, which has been referred to by many as a “train wreck”.  Sheen launched into a variety of attacks against the producer of his hit show “Two and a Half Men”, Chuck Lorre, and defended his past behavior by maintaining that he lives a rockstar lifestyle.  He claims that he is currently clean and sober, and that he cured himself of his addiction without the aid of the “cult” of Alcoholic Anonymous.  (Click Get More Info to listen to the full interview)

Sheen and Jones have been friends for years, based mainly upon Sheen’s agreement with Jones about the September 11 cover-up.  They’ve teamed up in the past, which we’ve reported on previously here on Extraordinary Intelligence: long is viagra shelf life pfizer

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Jones has appeared on National television previously defending Sheen’s statements on the 9/11 conspiracy.


Alex Jones readily admits that there was a two-fold reason why Sheen appeared on his show to discuss his personal troubles.  Of course, he wanted to give his friend an unbiased platform from which to rant.  Equally, as lately it seems that everything Sheen does makes headlines, a boost to the site, and the information therein, was a catalyst to bring the troubled star on the show.

Sheen’s behavior on the Alex Jones Show was decidedly erratic, and made some question whether or not he was still using.  A subsequent drug test (blood and urine) revealed that Charlie Sheen was clean.

Jones later admitted that he was somewhat shocked by the star’s behavior, and that he had no idea that Sheen was going to vent to the extent that he did.

With that said, Jones makes no excuses for having Sheen on the show, and he proved his loyalty to his friend on The View, where he said, “Charlie’s been a star for 30 years, and all people know about is these episodes where he explodes… the Charlie Sheen I know is a compassionate guy who’s really smart.”

But what really shook things up during that appearance on ABC was was Jones said between his defense of Sheen, where he ranted about former President George W. Bush, derided the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and slipped in verbiage about the New World Order and 9/11.

The hosts appeared exasperated and repeatedly attempted to steer the conversation back to Charlie Sheen,  but Jones rallied on, ending the interview by interrupting Barbara Walters with the curt statement, “Charlie stay clean, we love ya, and everybody else out there stay clean, don’t use drugs,”

Whatever your opinion about Alex Jones or Charlie Sheen, it has to be said that THAT was a pretty brilliant case of using the mainstream media’s own hunger for drama against itself to promote a cause that they normally attempt to ignore or ridicule.  Well done.