Alex Jones Interrupts Peaceful Pro-Gun Rally

On Monday, January 25, a rally was held in Austin, Texas by Texans for Accountable Governments APD.  Designed to be a peaceful protest in favor of the 2nd Amendment and against the Austin police force’s cooperation with the important source, the rally featured a small group of gathered protesters, predetermined speakers, and some media coverage.

Enter radio show host/alternative media activist Alex Jones.

Recommended SiteAn unapologetic Alex Jones confronted at Pro-Gun Rally in Austin, Tx.

Known for his loud bull horn and effectively flamboyant ability to capture attention, Jones did not disappoint. As speakers passionately and peacefully stated their case for the 2nd Amendment, Jones appeared on the scene with bullhorn in hand and camera crew in toe. He entered the crowd shouting over the speaker and disrupting the rally.

In a series of three videos, you’ll see the events as they transpired. I’ll not speculate on the motives of Mr. Jones. But what I want you to consider is whether or not his tactics are effective. We’ll discuss further after the vids.

Now, some may say that Alex Jones managed to draw more attention to the rally with his loud outburst and flashy entourage.  While others… admittedly myself included… consider this  extremely bad form.  Frankly, I believe Jones comes off as quite an ass in these videos.  Many of the people at the rally were fans of his… people who came to the cause partly because of his activism. They admired him, and he trampled all over what they were attempting to accomplish.  Generally speaking, I try to remain neutral on this site, but this is a case where I cannot keep my opinion to myself.  What makes matters worse is that I too turn to and (sites hosted by Jones) for much of my alternative news.

The icing on the cake for me is in the last video.  Here he is confronted by Liberty Restoration Projects Exec Dir. Catherine Bleish.  She takes him to task for his actions, and he insults her and dismisses her. He even goes so far as to tell her  “You gotta hard on for me”.  Not nice.

What do you think. Has Alex Jones taken things too far? Has he become less of a voice of reason and more of a blowhard? Does he harm or help the cause of those in the “Liberty Movement”?  Share your thoughts.