Actor Kills Mother With Sword: Possible Freemason Connection

This is a tragic story that I almost reported on when I first heard it last night.. but I decided to wait until today as more facts came out.  Here’s what is known: actor Michael Brea (31), who had small roles in television’s of mice and men essay on dreams and the film, is accused of brutally killing his mother, Yannick Brea.

It is being reported that the murder occured sometime in the early hours on November 23.  Neighbors heard screams from the apartment that Brea shared with his mother, starting about 1:00 am.

Witnesses who heard the horrific incident as it played out claim that Michael was shouting religious phrases, screaming to his mother “Repent! Repent! Repent!” as she begged for someone to help her.

It is also alleged by at least one witness that Brea was calling out to the “architect of the universe,” a commonly used term for God or the Supreme Being in Freemasonry.  As he was being led away by police, Brea allegedly yelled out to, “The greatest architect in the universe!”  check herereports that Brea was a “low-level Freemason”.

When police arrived on the scene, they broke down the door, and apparently found Brea standing over his mother, brandishing a large sword.  The apartment was covered in blood, and 55 year old Yannick Brea had been slain.

The earliest reports I saw last night claimed that sword used in the murder was a “Freemason Sword”.  Shortly thereafter, I began to see it referred to in some cases as a samurai sword.  Then some stories changed to call it a “large sword”.  For example, prednisolone for asthma cough initial report called it a samurai sword, but they later retracted this, saying “Brea is not suspected of using a samurai sword — as initial reports suggested — but rather another type of blade, roughly 3 feet in length.”

Curiously, the New York Post, the Washington Post, and others are still reporting the Freemason Sword angle.  In fact,  the New York Daily News is now reporting that the weapon was actually a ceremonial Masonic sword that the actor allegedly took after a Monday night meeting of Freemasons.

Example of a Masonic Sword which is advertised here.

Swords play a large role in many Freemason ceremonies.  The Masonic Supply Shop,  a site that sells Masonic Ceremonial swords, says, “Throughout history, as an instrument of justice, truth, equality and firmness, swords have been used at every great event and have become imbued with great symbolism. For this reason, freemasons use swords in all their ceremonies.”

Whatever led to this deplorable act, it is clear that emerging evidence shows that Brea was obsessed on some level with Freemason teachings.  It is important to point out that officials claim Brea was not cleared to take the sword that he wielded.  While speculation rages about Brea’s motives, Masons have been quick to distance themselves from this tragedy.


Without a doubt Brea was acting on his own and in a deranged fashion.  Masonry in no way suggests or condones this practice or activity, and despite his use of weapon and any words uttered, it is in no way a Masonic act.

Brea has been charged with 2nd degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.