A Song for World UFO Day 2013

Today is World UFO Day.  The free dating agency in south africa set aside July 2nd as an annual celebration to raise UFO awareness, as well as a commemoration of the events that took place in Roswell, NM in 1947.   How does one celebrate this day?  WUFODO encourages “individual believers to organize their own parties during World UFO Day.”  That raises all kinds of questions about what constitutes a “believer” and are UFOs anything worth celebrating.


The Huffington Post compiled a reaction essay of UFO/Alien related songs that you can use for your own UFO day celebration, but I think one sentiment is missing from their catalog of E.T. music.

In 1947, the same year as the infamous Roswell incident, Chester and Lester Buchanan along with their band released a song called (prednisolone 45 mg.  The Buchanan Brothers and the Georgia Catamounts had some limited success during their heyday, and the Flying Saucer song was recently resurrected in the Dreamworks animated film Monsters vs Aliens.

While most of the music in the HuffPo playlist glamorizes the UFO phenomena, the Buchanan Brothers had a decidedly different message.  Check it out: