2012 Rolls in With More Animal Die-offs

On New Year’s Eve of 2011, a small town in Arkansas called Beebe witnesses something completely bizarre.  Thousands of black birds mysteriously fell out of the sky, covering the town in their dead carcasses.  Exactly one year later, in the wee hours of the 2012 New Year, the same inexplicable event happened AGAIN.

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At approximately 4:00 in the morning on New Year’s Day, Beebe’s mayor called Milton McCullar, the street department supervisor.  Upon hearing that there were dead birds falling out of the sky, McCullar understandably thought the mayor might be pranking him.

Scientists are baffled as to the cause of these massive bird die-offs.  In 2011, explanations ranged from poisoning to freak weather, but the theories were debunked.  Another school of thought was that the birds may have become spooked and disoriented by fireworks, but that would not explain the 2012 incident, as the mayor had called off fireworks in hopes of avoiding a similar incident.

The Beebe black birds weren’t the only victims of the New Year.  In Norway, an estimated 10 to 20 tons of dead herring washed up on the beach near Tromsø city on New Year’s Eve.  Continued is reporting that there has yet to be a reason determined as to why these fish died.

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Massive fish die off in Norway. Photo credit JAN-PETTER JØRGENSEN

Last year, the New Year kicked off with a slew of bizarre animal deaths that had the world both puzzled and a bit frightened.  We reported on these incidents in depth previously.  To see the incredible list of mass animal deaths from 2011, click the link below.

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