1947 UFO Sightings Prior to the Roswell Incident

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Albey’s list follows the image below.

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Here is a sample list of some 1947 UFO sightings leading up to the Roswell Incident:

JUNE 25, 1947: A saucer-shaped object about one half the size of the full moon [at arm’s length] was reported moving south over Silver City, New Mexico, by the local dentist, Dr. R. F. Sensenbaugher.

JUNE 26, 1947: Leon Oetinger, M.D., of Lexington, Kentucky, and three other witnesses reported a large, silver, ball-shaped object — clearly not a balloon or a dirigible — traveling at high speed near the edge of the Grand Canyon.

JUNE 27, 1947: John A. Petsche, an electrician at Phelps-Dodge Corporation, and other witnesses reported a disc-shaped object overhead and apparently coming to earth about 10:30am near Tintown in the vicinity of Bisbee in southeastern Arizona near the New Mexico border.

JUNE 27, 1947: Major George B. Wilcox of Warren, Arizona, reported a series of eight or nine perfectly spaced discs traveling at high speed with a wobbling motion. He said the discs passed over his house at three-second intervals heading east, and estimated them to be at a height of about 1,000 feet above the mountaintops.

JUNE 27, 1947: A “white disc glowing like an electric light bulb” was reported to have passed over Pope, New Mexico, by local resident W. C. Dobbs at 9:50am. Minutes later, the same or a similar object was sighted traveling southwest over the White Sands Missile Range by Captain E. B. Detchmendy, who reported it to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Harold R. Turner. At 10:00am Mrs. David Appelzoller of San Miguel, New Mexico, reported that a similar object had passed over that city, again heading southwest. Colonel Turner of White Sands initially reacted by announcing that no rockets had been launched from that base since June 12. Later, fearing hysteria, he officially “identified” the object as a “daytime meteorite”.

JUNE 28, 1947: Captain F. Dvyn, a pilot flying in the vicinity of Alamogordo, New Mexico, witnessed “a ball of fire with a fiery blue trail behind it” pass beneath his aircraft and appear to disintegrate while he watched.

JUNE 29, 1947: Army Air Force pilots conducted a search for an object reported to have fallen near Cliff, New Mexico, sometime in the forenoon, but find nothing but a curious odor in the air.

JUNE 29, 1947: A team of naval rocket-test experts headed by Dr. C. J. Zohn, on duty at the White Sands Proving Grounds, watched a silvery-colored disc do a series of maneuvers at high altitude over the secret rocket-test range.

JUNE 30, 1947: Thirteen silvery disc-shaped objects were observed by a railroad worker named Price traveling one after another over Albuquerque, New Mexico. Initially heading south, they changed course abruptly to east, and then reversed dramatically to west before disappearing. Price alerted his neighbors, and the entire neighborhood rushed out of their houses to lie on their lawns and observe the maneuvers in the sky above them.

JUNE 30, 1947 (as reported from the Tucumacari [New Mexico] Daily News on July 9): “Mrs. Helen Hardin, employee of Quay County Abstract Co., reported Tuesday, July 8, that she saw a flying saucer from her front porch about 11pm June 30 traveling from east to west at high speed. She said it looked to be about half the size of the full moon [at arms length] with a slight yellow cast. She watched it for about six seconds, low in the sky and going down outside of town rather than close in. She at first thought it was a meteor but noticed a whirling motion as it neared the ground. Also it was not falling as fast as meteors do.”

JULY 1, 1947: Max Hood, an executive of the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, reported seeing a bluish disc zigzagging across the northwestern sky over Albuquerque.

JULY 1-6, 1947: Seven separate reports of flying discs over northern Mexico ranging from Mexicali to Juarez.

JULY 1, 1947: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munn reported witnessing a large object moving east over Phoenix about 9:00pm.

JULY 2, 1947: Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot of Roswell, New Mexico, witnessed a large, glowing object as it passed over their house traveling northwest at a high rate of speed.

Source: The Roswell Incident”, by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore