1915 Earthquake Prediction for May 2011 Had Rome on the Run

Click HereRaffaele Bendandi was an amateur seismologist in the early 1900’s. He depended upon the movements of heavenly bodies to predict future earthquakes, mainly in his home country of Italy.

In 1915, he predicted that a massive quake would strike Rome on May 11, 2011. While this prediction was made nearly 100 years ago, it still had many Romans heading for the hills yesterday. http://www.chanpenthai.com/ reports an estimation that 20% of Rome’s 600,000 people had taken the day off due to this prediction.

While no quakes were reported in Rome on May 11, there was other seismic activity in Europe on the same day.  Namely, a pair of earthquakes that struck Lorca in southeastern Spain.  Is there a connection between Bendandi’s prediction and the tremblers that hit Spain?

Full story of Raffaele Bendandi (including a bizarre Mussolini twist) and the Spanish earthquakes here (with video):

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