10 Extraordinary Questions with… The Truth Syndicate

Welcome to the second installment of the “10 Extraordinary Questions” series!


In this edition, we had an opportunity to talk to the Founder of The Truth Syndicate,  who goes by the moniker of  SynisterStylez.

Read More is a website featuring articles that run the gamut from Current Events and Government Conspiracy, to Religious Philosophy and Human Rights.  But, as Synister is quick to remind us, TTS is NOT simply a website.  It is a movement that he hopes to see grow into an army of Truth seekers who work both online and in the real world.

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With a collective of contributors, TTS features a healthy variety of viewpoints, and isn’t afraid to lighten the mood with some entertaining “news of the strange”  articles from time to time.  But make no mistake.  SynisterStylez and the members of TTS take their mission very seriously.

Featuring contributions from his own family members, friends, and other interested parties with a common purpose, SynisterStylez and The Truth Syndicate hope to take their unique brand of no holds barred activism and information sharing to a computer monitor, and maybe even a neighborhood, near you.

Read on for our 10 Extraordinary Questions!


http://www.polishproperty.eu/forum/index.php?option=com_content&page=2161.  Who and/or What is The Truth Syndicate?

SynisterStylez:  To put it simply, We are a group of like-minded individuals from assorted backgrounds, brought together by the common goal of Spreading the Truth about Religion and the Government among other things. Our Goal……Well since we probably will never see the benefits of our work, is to Secure a True Freedom for our children, and Grandchildren.

2.  How did you become inspired to create TTS?

SynisterStylez: I felt the urgency for such a group in my immediate area, I knew some good people that I had become associated with through various other projects I was and am involved in, so I said What The F**k…..Let’s try this! My brother PB was on board and My Lady, so TTS was born.

3.  Give me a little background about yourself.  For example, have any personal experiences led you to your current beliefs regarding religion and politics?

SynisterStylez: I’m an Ex-Pentecostal Youth Minister.  Even while I was in church I didn’t “fit the mold”.  I was constantly into it with my Pastor about this or that. We don’t have an issue with the Christian, Muslim, etc…. Our issue is with the lies within the belief system that has made mindless zombies of the followers. The Government has been f**ked up in my opinion for a very long time. I guess some of the key events that shaped my governmental views are…. 1. The Raid on the Branch-Davidian Compound, ( I was in 11th grade when this occurred ) and 2. Ruby Ridge…those two events and  buy generic viagra online overnight magazine opened my eyes tremendously.

4.  Share some of your thoughts about current events….

a. BP Oil Spill

Synister: I think this just may be the BIGGEST travesty that has happened in many years, BP dropped the ball and now they are playing craps with our kid’s future. And nobody gives a f**k!

b.  Arizona Immigration Law

Synister: I’m not completely up-to-date- on every detail of this but something needs to be done.  It has been out of control for years and is getting no better. The fact that people are in a outrage shows just how politically correct society has become. I mean to the point they will let our freedoms get trampled on in order to let illegals stay within our borders, it’s Damn Sad!

c.  President Obama and the Current Administration

Synister:  There is good and bad in every administration.  I’m an Anarchist so that is really all I have to say about this.

5.  How does one become a TTS contributor?

Synister: Hit me up at thetruthsyndicate@gmail.com and tell me about yourself, then we will hit you back with more info as to what we got going on and then It is all up to you!

6.  Tell me a little about some of the current members and contributors.

Synister: Ok, we’ve got several people that contribute regularly.  I’m going to give a special shoutout first to my Brother PB who just moved halfway across the country so we can take TTS to the streets.  What I mean by “Taking it to the streets” is that TTS is not just an Internet site. We are a living breathing entity, we spread Truth like a disease, we hit the streets handing out documents, doing vids, etc.  My Lady contributes regularly, my 14 year old daughter, we got Shadow and Growling Joe in Washington State and more. We make new contacts daily.

7.  Sometimes, it is easy to feel defeated when taking on some of these big topics.  What would you say to others who are starting to become interested in this subject matter?

Synister: Take baby steps in the beginning or you will get burnt out. Always research and then research again your information, Truth is key! Understand you will never run out of shit to write about, it is only getting worse.

8.  What are your plans for the future of TTS?

Synister: World Domination….. I am just kidding.  I just want to see this thing grow. The issues we cover are important, they have a direct effect on us, but the main thing is they could have a HUGE effect on future generations if not stopped.

9.  Where can we find TTS on the web?

Synister: http://thetruthsyndicate.com We are on Myspace at myspace.com/seektrueknowledge, Facebook, twitter, Friendfeed, all the links are on our website.

10.  Thank you!  Any final words for our readers?

Synister: Open Your Eyes To The Truth! and Get Involved!