10 Extraordinary Questions With… Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Anyone who knows anything about the Paranormal is likely familiar with the work of https://www.runningtime.net/.  She is an investigator, author, and expert in all things strange and mysterious.

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Rosemary Ellen Guiley

As a frequent guest on popular programs like Coast to Coast Am with George Noory, and through her books and lectures, Rosemary has made a name for herself as one of the foremost experts on Paranormal entities and encounters.

Her impressive catalog of knowledge ranges from ghosts and hauntings, to vampires and UFOs.  Rosemary is also a leading figure when it comes to matters of psychic phenomena and dreams.

Having penned over 40 books, one of her latest ventures tackles the terrifying figure from Arabian legend, the Djinn.

Extraordinary Intelligence is very lucky to have had the opportunity to ask Rosemary Ellen Guiley about all of these things in our latest installment of 10 Extraordinary Questions.

So without further delay, let’s dive right in to 10 Extraordinary Questions With… Rosemary Ellen Guiley!

Natalina: Ms. Guiley, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Extraordinary Intelligence. It is such an honor that you’ve agreed to answer a few questions for us. Let’s start by having you introduce yourself to those E.I. readers who are not yet familiar with your work. Who is Rosemary Ellen Guiley?

Rosemary: I’ll respond with the bio that is usually posted for my media and presentation appearances.  I think it summarizes things well:

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is one of the leading experts on the paranormal with more than 45 published books on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias.   Her work is translated into 14 languages.  She has worked full-time in the paranormal since the 1980s, conducting original field investigations and research for her many books, articles and public presentations.  Her work focuses on interdimensional entity contact experiences and documentation of interdimensional portals.

In addition to her own books, she is the consulting editor for Mysteries, Legends and Unexplained Phenomena, a line of nonfiction books for the young adult market (Chelsea House/Facts On File), and is a consulting editor of FATE Magazine.  Formerly, she wrote a column for TAPS Paramagazine and was a blogger for the Arts & Entertainment website Paranormal Insider.  She makes numerous media appearances, and has been featured on the History, A&E, SyFy, Discovery, Animal Planet and Travel channels.  She is a frequent guest with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, and makes regular appearances on a wide variety of paranormal and metaphysical radio shows.  She is featured in documentaries and docu-dramas, and is a popular college and university campus speaker.

With noted ufologist Philip J. Imbrogno, Rosemary has co-authored The Vengeful Djinn, a bestseller it its category since its debut in February 2011.  Rosemary and Phil have a second book coming out in December 2011, Dimensional Portals. She has co-authored a book on high-tech spirit communications with George Noory, Talking to the Dead, which will be out in October 2011.

Nat: What are your thoughts on the origins of ghosts and apparitions? Do you believe that they are departed souls, demonic entities, psychic imprints, interdimensional beings, or a little of all of these?

RG: Most ghosts are remnants or residual phenomena, something that seems to be left behind from the living or something that once existed.  Sometimes souls become earthbound until they find their way to the afterlife.  “Ghosts” that are interactive may be something else seeming to be a ghost, but it is hard to know for certain, and there are no “one size fits all” answers to anything in the paranormal.  Demons, fairies, elementals, Djinn and ultraterrestrials could all account for some ghosts.

Nat: Ghost hunting is serious business. Do you have any advice for amateur paranormal investigators?

RG: The paranormal is subjective, and so your own senses and body will be your best equipment.  Gear is fine and it is good to seek hard data captures, but an over-reliance on tech misses out on most of the action, which is more often subtle than dramatic.  The paranormal is psychic in nature.  It is in constant flux, shape-shifts on its own and is hard to define.  People who look for black-and-white definitive answers will be disappointed.

Since everything in the paranormal is interconnected, be as broad based in your working knowledge as possible, even if you wish to specialize in a certain part of it.  Also study history, folklore, mythology, psychical research, parapsychology and the occult.  Establish a daily practice of meditation to open the third eye and strengthen your natural barriers.

Nat: As an animal lover, I often look into my cat Solomon’s eyes and feel that he has an old soul. What is the nature of an animal’s spirit?

RG: I doubt anyone has the real answer to that.  But I believe animals have souls, and that they are capable of reincarnation.

Nat: You’ve written a book called, The Vengeful Djinn. Your website, good books on writing, states, “If you fear one thing in your life, fear the Djinn.” Tell us a about your book, and about the Djinn. (You are welcome to discuss this topic at length, include any links to your book, website, etc…)

RG: Phil and I make a very strong case for the Djinn playing roles in many of our paranormal experiences, especially cases that involve persistent phenomena that resist remedy.  I enclose here part of our article that introduces the Djinn:

A Short Course on the Djinn

Adapted from wrtie my college essay by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno, Llewellyn, 2011, with additional material from The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Facts On File, 2009

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In Arabian lore, Djinn are a race of supernaturally empowered beings who have the ability to intervene in the affairs of people. Like the Greek daimones, Djinn are self-propagating and can be either good or evil. They can be conjured in magical rites to perform various tasks and services. A Djinni (singular) appears as a wish-granting “genie” in folk tales such as in The Book of 1001 Nights collection of folk tales.

In Western lore Djinn are sometimes equated with demons, but they are not the same. They are often portrayed as having a demonic-like appearance, but they can also appear in beautiful, seductive forms. The Djinn are masterful shape-shifters, and their favored forms are snakes and black dogs. They also can masquerade as anything: humans, animals, ghosts, cryptids, and other entities such as extraterrestrials, demons, shadow people, fairies, angels and more.

The Djinn are not confined to the Middle East, or to the past. They exist in their own realm, probably a parallel dimension, and they have the ability – and the desire – to enter our world and interact with us. The Djinn have been among us in antiquity and they are among us now.

Djinn or Jinn?

The correct spelling of the word “Djinn,” translated directly from Arabic to English is with a d —  “Djinn.” Western readers may be more familiar with the commonly used phonetic spelling, “jinn.” We use “Djinn” as the preferred spelling in order to conform as much as possible to Arabic translations.


According to pre-Islamic lore, the Djinn are born of smokeless fire (which in modern terms could be plasma). They live very long lives but they are not immortal.  According to some accounts, they live with other supernatural beings in the Kaf, a mythical range of emerald mountains that encircles the Earth.  In modern terms, they live in a parallel dimension.

The Djinn like to roam the deserts and wilderness and inhabit caves. They are usually invisible, but have the power to shape-shift to any form, be it insect, animal, human, or entity. They have long been regarded as malicious and dangerous, capable of bringing bad luck, illness, disaster and death. Even when granting favors, they have a trickster nature and can twist events for the worse.

Though the Djinn can be conjured in magical rites, they are difficult to control. One individual said to have complete power over the Djinn was the legendary Biblical King Solomon. God gave Solomon a copper and iron magic ring that enabled him to subdue Djinn, and which protected him from their powers. In some accounts, the ring was inscribed with a pentacle, and in other accounts it was set with a gem, probably a diamond, that had a living force of its own. With the ring, Solomon branded the necks of the Djinn as his slaves and set them to working building the first Temple of Jerusalem and even the entire city of Jerusalem.

One story tells that a jealous Djinni (sometimes identified as Asmodeus) stole Solomon’s ring while he bathed in the river Jordan. The Djinni seated himself on the king’s throne at his palace and reigned over his kingdom, forcing Solomon to become a wanderer. God compelled the Djinni to throw the ring into the sea. Solomon retrieved it, and punished the Djinni by imprisoning him in a bottle.

According to another story, Solomon summoned the Djinn to his crystal-paved palace, where they sat at tables made of iron. (In folklore, iron weakens supernatural entities.) The Qur’an tells how the king made them work at building palaces, making carpets, and creating ponds, statues and gardens. Whenever Solomon wanted to travel to faraway places, the Djinn carried him on their backs.

Djinn in Muslim lore

Islamic theology absorbed the Djinn; an entire chapter in the Qur’an concerns them. According to the Muslim faith, humans were created from clay and water, and angels from a special and pure spiritual light. Djinn were created from the smokeless fire, or the essential fire (plasma in modern terms). They are invisible to most people except under certain conditions; however, animals, especially dogs and donkeys are able to see them.

Djinn were on the earth before man, but it is unknown for how long. By some accounts, they were created 2000 years before Adam and Eve, and were equal to angels in stature. When Allah created Adam, he told the angels to bow to him. The angels complied but Iblis, the leader of the Djinn and who had access to heaven, refused, and so he and his kind were cast out of paradise. Iblis appealed to Allah, and the Djinn were granted the opportunity to redeem themselves by Judgment Day. Iblis (also called Shaytan) became a figure comparable to the Devil. His evil-minded followers are called devils, and they behave in ways similar to Western demons.

Like humans, Djinn have free will, and are able to understand good and evil. The Qur’an states that the purpose of their creation is the same as that of humans, which is to worship Allah. They are responsible for their actions, and will be judged at the Last Judgment.

Muhammad had encounters with the Djinn. He warned the people to cover their utensils, close their doors and keep their children close to them at night, as the Djinn spread out at night and take things. He also warned people to put out their lights, as the Djinn drag away the wicks and start fires. However, they will not open a locked door, untie a tied knot, or uncover a vessel.

If a Djinni is harmed or killed, even inadvertently, Djinn will take revenge, bringing misfortune, illness and even death to the offenders. Muhammad said that if people find a snake in their house, they should call out to it for three days before killing it. If the snake is a shape-shifted Djinn, it will leave. If it remains after three days, it is an ordinary snake and can be killed.

The Djinn can be converted to the faith, and Muhammad converted some of them by reciting the Qur’an to them.

The Magical Ms. Guiley

The life span of Djinn is much longer than humans, but they do die. They are both male and female, and have children. According to the Qur’an, they eat meat, bones, and the dung of animals. They play, sleep, and have their own pet animals, especially dogs. They live in communities organized into families and clans, and ruled by kings.

Although they can live anywhere, they prefer remote and lonely places, such as deserts, ruins, caves, and tunnels. In Middle Eastern lore they also inhabit places of impurity such as graveyards, garbage dumps, bathrooms, and camel pastures. They can live in houses occupied by people. They like to sit in the places between the shade and the sunlight, and move around when the dark first comes. They also like marketplaces, and Muslim lore holds that it is not a good idea to be the first to enter a market or the last to leave it.

Some Djinn become attached to human beings and function like companion spirits. The joining of humans and Djinn in marriage is still a practice in some parts of the world. A mixed marriage is believed to be capable of producing offspring, though this is not desirable. In lore, the Queen of Sheba, who fascinated King Solomon, was rumored to be part Djinn.

Possession by Djinn

Djinn are capable of possessing human beings. They are said to enter the blood stream and circulate rapidly through the body. They cause mental and physical problems, and also disrupt marriages and relationships. Asking a Djinni to leave, or bargaining with it may not be enough to get it to go, and someone who is trained may be needed to perform an exorcism to get it out of the body.

Modern experiences of Djinn

Djinn encounters occur everywhere, and they may be interpreted as other entities rather than their true selves. This is especially the case in areas where little is known about them. Encounters with angels, fairies, demons, elementals, extraterrestrials, mysterious creatures and ghosts of the dead may be Djinn in disguise, either playing tricks or carrying out an agenda.

Nat: On the subject of malevolent entities, we often hear that it is dangerous to use tools such as Ouija Boards to communicate with spirits. What is your stance on Ouija?

RG: It is a tool and as such it is neutral.  It does not guarantee a good experience or a bad one, or even any experience.  It has gotten a bad rap from Hollywood and Bible thumpers.  However, many people do have odd or negative experiences with them – but perhaps because subconsciously they expect them.  Malevolent entities who wish to cause trouble do not need to depend on Ouija boards.

Nat: You have an interesting take on the existence of Shadow People. We often hear accounts of people who witness these beings in their homes or in haunted places. What do you think are some possible explanations as to what they are?

RG: My current thinking is that the Shadow People are Djinn.  They are the only known entity that fits the profile.  Otherwise, Shadow People have to be classed as ultraterrestrials, entities of unknown identity and origin from another dimension.  They are not ghosts or demons.  They are interested in observing us while keeping their identities and motives hidden, though some are more aggressive.

Shadow Person| Image by Dendril

Nat: Another aspect of the paranormal that you spend time investigating is the existence of Extraterrestrials. What do you believe E.T.’s are? Where are they from and why are they here?

RG: I do not rule out the possibility of off-world visitors, but I think most of the beings we label “extraterrestrials” are really ultraterrestrials, that is, from a parallel dimension on earth.  They are as varied as humans in disposition and intent and have a variety of agendas, probably curiosity, research, surveillance, programming, hybridization, experimentation – and who knows, maybe some of them have tried eating us.  Guess we must not taste very good!

Nat:  Thank you again Rosemary for talking to Extraordinary Intelligence! For our final question, what are some upcoming projects you’ve got on the horizon? I see that you’ve got a book coming out that you’re co-writing with George Noory. Can you tell us about it, and anything else we can look forward to?

RG: Talking to the Dead (October, Tor Books) traces the history and evolution of high-tech spirit communications, including astounding results obtained by researchers today, and the implications for us in the present and future.  It grew out of my ongoing research with real-time radio sweep EVP.

Upcoming project topics: Cryptids… UFOs… Ouija… interdimensional portals and entity contacts… angels… saints… shadow people…. vampires.  The usual mix!  I don’t discuss specifics until something is ready for publication.

Thank you, and please visit www.visionaryliving.com (and please sign up for my complimentary e-newsletter) and www.djinnuniverse.com.  I am also now on www.getfanged.com.