10 Extraordinary Questions With… Ron Morehead of ‘Bigfoot Sounds’

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We’ve discussed a wide variety of strange phenomena on Extraordinary Intelligence over the years.  Very few things rattle me anymore, but when I heard Ron Morehead’s story on L.A. Marzulli’s Acceleration Radio, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Ron Morehead: Author/Producer

Starting in 1971, Mr. Morehead had a series of extraordinary encounters.  In a remote wilderness camp, he and his party were witnesses to some of the strangest sounds and interactions between man and beast (?) that I’ve ever heard.  Returning to the camp many times, Ron and those who traveled with him captured audio evidence of these encounters that may send chills down your spine.  His audios have been examined by experts and cannot be debunked.  In fact, crypto-linguists claim to have actually discovered a complex language within the recordings!

Ron Morehead is the author of Voices in the Wilderness, and is the producer of the Bigfoot Recordings Vol. 1 & 2.  He has had much field experience with the Bigfoot phenomenon, and focuses on interacting with these giants and understanding them better.  I am so thrilled that he agreed to share his story with Extraordinary Intelligence.

A note from Ron: My answers are based mostly on my experiences with this particular family of creatures. I believe there could be different types of these giants roaming the forests.

1.  Thanks Mr. Morehead, for agreeing to share your compelling story with Extraordinary Intelligence. Before we discuss the evidence you’ve collected, let’s set the scene. Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to the first encounter with an unknown creature in the woods.

At the time these encounters began my profession was in the hospitality industry. I was also the administrator of a large church in Merced, CA. One of the other board members was a hunter and socially our families blended well. At that time I did not hunt. However, in 1971, after the hunting group that my friend was involved with was a couple days late, his wife told me of an encounter the men had with an unknown ‘something’ that made horrific, intimidating sounds and left huge five-toed prints around their camp. All the wives were worried. After one night of experiencing these sounds, one of the hunters fled the camp. He knew the way back in but wanted someone trustworthy to accompany him. This was the beginning of my trekking into this remote wilderness area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

2. Prior to your encounter with what you believe to be Bigfoot, were you a believer in/did you know much about these beings?

Actually, I had no thoughts about bigfoot, one way or the other. I believed then, as I believe now, that we humans don’t know all there is to know. I was very curious.

3. At what point did you decide to begin recording the sounds you were hearing?

The sounds were being heard almost every time the camp was visited during 1971 and 1972. We all began to pack cassette recorders to record them.


4. Were you or was anyone in your party ever able to get a visual on the creatures? Further, was there any other strange phenomena seen in the area of these sightings/encounters?

Yes. Although these creatures were/are extremely stealthy, brief glimpses were occasionally caught. However, we were never able to capture a picture. All our camera traps failed. Different type of sounds heard are unexplained by classical science. Small orbs were reportedly following three of the hunters around the camp. I noted a large controlled ball of light once. During the day, we’ve all heard what sounded like a large tuning fork. Other unusual events are mentioned in my book.

5. With regard to the sounds that you captured, what makes them stand out as unique to other woodland animal sounds?

Their rapid chatter and amplitude is completely different than anything else that might be heard in the forest.

6. Has there been any type of research or review of the tapes? What were the findings?

Yes. In 1978, Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, conducted a year-long study of the sounds and established that the tapes had not been altered, i.e., slowed down, speeded up, pre-recorded or re-recorded. His semi-quantitative study also established the vocal track length to be much larger than that of humans. More recently, in 2008, a highly trained Crypto-Linguist, R. Scott Nelson, established that the sounds are ‘language’.

The interaction exchange was recorded in 1974 when I tried to mimic their sounds. According to the Crypto-Linguist, this was an effort on their part to slow down their rapid chatter and communicate.

7. Do you continue to visit the area where you first encountered bigfoot?


8. What is your advice to an amateur researcher who may encounter creatures such as the ones you’ve had experience with?

There are several things I suggest, which can be reviewed on my web site www.bigfootsounds.com. However, the main suggestion is to realize that they are sentient beings, able to reason using cognizant thought process like we do. Don’t underestimate them.

9. Do you have theories as to the origins of Bigfoot? What are they? Where do they come from? Are they strictly physical beings or do you think there’s a supernatural component to their existence?

Theories can change as one’s knowledge expands. However, after over 40 years of delving into this enigma, my theory at this time is that they are a remnant of a demigod – celestial intervention; perhaps part great ape (orangutan?). The sentiency comes from the celestial intervention. They are definitely ‘physical’ but may also have an attribute that we don’t fully understand –nor is it answerable by classical science. Perhaps we also have this attribute, but were disconnected from it at one time, i.e., ‘Garden of Eden’.

10. Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss your fascinating research with us! For our final question, do you have any upcoming projects/appearances that you’d like the readers to be aware of? Also, where can we acquire your published materials and please share the links to your website.

At my presentations I give a PowerPoint program and play some of the sounds. These events are mentioned on my Facebook page. My book, ‘Voices in the Wilderness’ and two different CDs with the story and the sounds are available at www.bigfootsounds.com

I appreciate this opportunity.

Ron Morehead




  1. Franklin

    I am a native as the whitemans calls us and i listen to these recordings and think of other things the old ones told the first whites they encountered and just shake my head at the white mans utter disbelief and calling us ignorant and wonder what his thinking is now.

    • They still tend not to belive,and consider these creatures to be fave actions for the most part,the white man upon his arrival viewed Natives as unintelligible , now the White man must contend with the fact that they were the ones who and still behave in unintelligible fashion trying to disconnect people ,all people from the Great Creator and these Majestic Forest people that Are a magnificent being supreme to the Human in so many facets of life at one with its enviorement at one with the Great Creator

  2. James Chesal

    Mr. Morehead, do you still have interactions with these beings, and if so, have you made any recordings recently? Thanks for your time.

  3. Jack

    I hear mixtures of ape, dog and human here, which leads me to believe that these are fake.

    • Do understand how much time and money Mr.Morehead invested in his attempt to document his encounters with these creatures ,it’s not as if he brought these recordings forth with the intent to market them and make substantial financial gain,so with that being the case what purpose dose it serve to fake something like this, they’ve been authenticated by linguistic experts; care to list your credentials mr.i hear a combinations of dog ape and human.

  4. Susan Zoeller

    I have heard their grunt sounds and a roar sound.

  5. alanborky

    Absolutely fascinating especially the bit about the orbs.

    The third recording sounds like they’re playing Sasquatch marco? polo!

    The disagreement recording does indeed sound like language and to my ears at least seems to’ve been conducted in something like the etiquette observed in Japanese where certain soft tones and ‘polite’ words’re reserved for females and children more harsh sounds and words for males.

    It smacks especially of the verbal dynamic between Yakuza subordinates and their bosses.

  6. VJJohn

    As a musician & an audio tech with a keen ear for sound, & good knowledge on how to create sounds, these audio clips sound man-made to me. I’m not a debunker, but these are the the most obvious fakes I’ve heard in a long time. Maybe more people would believe in this stuff if phonies were to stop constantly cranking out obvious fakes almost every day.

  7. The first noise sounds similar to the ones I heard on the Art Bell show.That makes sense. I am a Kwakiult 1st Nations and we are the people of the potlatches.
    We are associated with Bigfoot.We have a dance we call the Hamatsa.The Wild Man Of the Woods.The Tsunaqwa is what we call the female bigfoot.

  8. Sounds 1 and 2 sound very primate-like and that made me wonder how to be sure they do not come from a higher primate? But after listening to sounds by gorillas and chimpanzees like calls, howls and whimpers I conclude that these sounds are far more intelligent. In fact, they sound as some form of right-hemisphere language.

  9. Bri Brickhouse

    Why does the recorder humming noise stop when he calls back to it? There should be no change in recording hum if it’s real. Also did anyone try playing the noises backwards. It sounds fake to me,like a raccoon or such was recorded then altered and played backwards.

  10. whitey

    bottom line? till there is a body…? its all bs…..

  11. Don Frew

    I heard similar sounds at my family’s vineyard in the California coastal mountains while I was growing up. They were associated with a number of Bigfoot sightings. I heard these recordings played on the radio in the early 1970′s and contacted Alan Berry, who was working with Ron. Alan, Ron, and others came to my place and verified the sounds. I can testify that these recording are genuine.
    Don Frew

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